Russian women taught me how to market the Focus (33 HQ Photos)


  • Dan

    I like #6.

  • LL DA T

    #33 Where's the car in this one??

    • ssstoopid

      FDAU. Gotta love it!

  • james

    #17 #25 #33 #28

  • huh

    Don't get me wrong, very nice advertising… but it's still a focus.

    • Ryan82

      I thinks that's the point

  • texjosh

    How many do I have to buy to get a girl to bother to look at me in a Focus?

  • Megalock26

    #3 I'd be focused too.

  • wtf


  • Celeb Gurlz

    You mean there were cars in these pics too? #9 = WIN!

  • Mechanic

    I guess if I bring my focus to Russia I’d be a god. Girls love my car.

  • TX_man

    #28 can't…. stop…. staring!!!……

  • Larry

    In Russia everything must have scantly glad girls next to it!

  • M Sharafat Ali

    Will not presume that all ruskies or Ukrainian female can be gorgeous, as well as alternatively that each photo is actually bogus. Over a respected internet site, you’ll find that way to obtain women who desire to …Russian woman for marriage

  • Stafakos

    This is our's ffclub chicks, and only we can enjoy them!

    Best Regards,

  • MescalineQ

    yankee go home!

  • Apanga

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  • Average_Joe123

    #4 #33 Beautiful

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