• Aunty Em


    • maclean


    • Razpaljotka

      Minus 9000 internets to you mam.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Damn, you are dull.

  • Terenigma

    they forgot the hose

    • Bryan

      when conducting a search one does not bring a hose, they forgot their tools.

      • Tom

        i'd like to see them do that in full gear

    • DCBizzle

      where da hose at

  • asdf

    pfft more like 12 seconds

    • r@f

      works better on stealing stuff rather than rescue

  • kaidoh101

    someones on coke

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    Followed quickly by the 8 second surrender.

    • Smirnoff

      You must be proud to have made such a original and historically accurate joke ! Did a french guy stole your girlfriend ? Don't take it personal, we practically invented female orgasm, it's common knowledge. What's why we don't need to play with guns to persuade ourselves we're manly.

      Yeah, I know, fighting stereotypes with other stereotypes… feels so good !

      Again bro, sorry about your GF 😉

      • Sko

        You aren't "fighting stereotypes with other stereotypes", you're fighting funny jokes with douchebaggery.

        • Smirnoff

          Soo you say the surrender joke is based on no stereotypes. Where's the joke then ?

          So it seems that the difference between funny and douchebaggery :
          is : funny is when it's about others, douchebaggery when the joke's on you. Nice.

          • http://www.facebook.com/coastguard Chris Sko

            He made a funny joke, you got butthurt and wrote a paragraph trying to defend french people. Saying you stole his girlfriend, invented the orgasm, and dont need guns isn't humor. You just come off as sad and desperate. Sorry Frenchie.

      • Paul

        I'm sorry, did this not happen?

    • Nickincollege

      Congratulations. I thought I should inform you that as I scroll down the page reading the comments, this is the funniest comment I have read so far.

    • Diabeto

      2003 called, they want their retarded cocksucker back.

      • http://www.facebook.com/coastguard Chris Sko

        1989 called, they want their "BLANK year called and want their BLANK back" joke back.

    • arschloch

      I'm French and I approve of this comment.

  • Jonathan

    It's pretty impressive!!!

    Now, I'd like to see them with their gear on!!

    • sarcasm

      or fire

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      I couldn't do it. I admit to that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000231447300 Matthew Molin

      they are French that is there gear

  • waitaminute...

    10 seconds to rush to your death inside a burning building. Another 3 hours to rescue your charred bones.

    • Da Sandman

      what are your bones made of..?

      • waitaminute...


    • Dunderfart

      Are you suggesting, if you where caught in a burning building, people should take their time? They should not rush inside eventhough they might face failure, to safe you?

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      Hey Buddy,
      Fuck you

  • zero5ed

    thats great, but the rest of the world still hates you.

    • Caleb

      But we still don't care 😉

    • Juiol

      "The rest of the world"? LOL
      The rest of the world hates the US. Wake up.

      • steven

        until they want our help…then the world suddenly loves the USA. TRUTH

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          *Yawn* Here we go again…..

          Name one war you 'mericans won on your own. Just one.

          • jojo

            the american civil war, haha

            • trollolol

              winning answer!

          • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

            The Civil War?

          • steven

            not talking about war…..I was referring to the billions of dollars that we share with less fortunate people all over the world. And yes I would love a cup of coffee

            • Dan

              I don't see Europe asking for money from the US in the debt crisis that escalated due to American economic mismanagement.

              • steven


              • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

                Yeah, because nearly every other country doesn't operate with a deficit. Don't be dumb. Balanced budgets are the exception, not the rule.

                • Dan

                  Escalated. If risk premia weren't so high due to credit crunch European countries that were indebted wouldn't have been in the shits like they now are. I never said anything about balanced budgets being an exception. Don't be dumb.

                  • Dan

                    Balanced budgets not being an exception. Sorry.

                  • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

                    Fair enough. To clarify my stance tho, the level of debt we are in and the whole debt ceiling fiasco (as just about every other in debt country doesn't have one) is ridiculous. If someone could actually come into the office with a balanced budget and a feasible plan to work our way out of the slide we have been in, then I would honestly be okay with taxes being raised. But seeing as how our presidents always go to war instead and never keep campaign promises (looking at you Libya), I highly doubt that will ever happen. I am already preparing to have to cross into Mexico illegally for when everything goes under.

                    • Caleb

                      Successfull troll is successfull. Well done Juiol.

                    • Dan

                      It's indeed a shame. It's not even countries not being aware the shit they're in or the ways to get out of it. It's politics trying to remain (or get) in power. Same in Europe, where the so called "common value" of solidarity is mysteriously missing.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

        The rest of the world hates the MTV version of America.

      • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

        The rest of the world are a bunch of conformists thinking it is cool to hate America. This isn't high school anymore. It is time to put our silly differences behind us and remember that just because our government is a joke doesn't mean we are alone in that boat : (

        Nope, not an anarchist. Just wish governments actually reflected the will of the people they serve.

      • jdb

        Boy, jealousy is such an ugly beast. Hate our current or past government all you want, but your lives are better because of America so I don't even want to hear it.

      • ROb

        *The whole world hates the US

    • Sally

      People in england like the french.
      However we hate the US.

      I'm Christian, I hate the US.
      My friends Jewish, he hates the US.
      I have many asian friends of various religions. They all hate the US.
      Get the picture?

      • steven

        Christian ? you can't have a hateful heart and still claim to be christian Sally. What you really are is an ignorant hypocrite.

      • Jealous much?

        If you hate everything about the U.S., why woud you be here on OUR websites??? Go away now, you'll get over it.

        • Jealous much?


      • Brad

        I live in England, I plan to emigrate to the US because our country sucks.

      • Stevo

        The English hate the french, the fact you claim otherwise, along with your 'Asian friends' suggests you might not be a native Englishwoman. You really shouldn't try to speak for an entire country, when you just migrated there.

        • Dan

          Because your first sentence doesn't do exactly that. Bravo, you're a hypocrite.

          • jdb

            No, I'm pretty sure most of the English don't like the French so much.

            • dan

              He's pretty sure people, let's call it a fact !

    • bzzzzzz

      The rest of the world is not the U.S

  • august west

    glad they've got a well executed plan for an indoor training facility….Practice makes perfect but show us a real time execution (not that I'm hoping it happens) bit then I'll be applauding.

  • RobertC

    Leave it to the french.

  • Yo yo ma

    That's actually just long- lost footage of French soldiers fleeing from the Germans.

    • Da Sandman


    • Sko


    • Diabeto

      Nah, more like long-lost footage of French firefighters fleeing from a burning building filled with morbidly obese fucktards like yourself.

  • MCFD107

    You don't run at a fire scene. Cool, but no.

    • Bubba

      Running would be just my advice…

  • Dak

    Instead of such lame comments, why don't you just try to appreciate the video. Would you be able to do the same ? of course not since you're just trolling here. Anyway, thumbs up for those firefighters :

    • trollolol

      if you appreciate everything you can't do but others can…do you enjoy rape videos or child pornography?…what kind of logic is that?…what i'm saying is just shut the fuck up and let people comment on whatever they want wherever they want unless you have tits in which case show 'em or gtfo!

      • Stevo

        I think trollolol might be trolling…

        • zachy

          i think at the end he's trolling but he's right in what he's saying in the first place…''if you appreciate everything you can't do but others can…….'' that part is actually true

          • Jasmine

            Still you can appreciate something good that you can't do or are not able to do. We're all able to distinguish training hard for saving lives and raping innocent children, or maybe I'm wrong, maybe not everyone here is able to make the difference?? Maybe posting offensive comments is not wrong?

  • benjamin

    quick! le germans are invading again! everyone hide in the second story of your houses


    keep calm dude, where's the fire?

  • Ruben

    Olympic games for fire-fighters

  • slv

    but these are russians guys. russian car standing there aswell.


    • Isanbod

      Can't tell what nationality they are…Didn't see a Russian car ( how would you know without a positive model emblem or manufacturers plate?) standing anywhere.

  • Jasmine

    Thanks for all the bitter racism!! Not even sure these guys are French… But you are all heroes right?!

    • Fasteddy14

      Says the angry french broad? French isn't a race…so it isn't racism.

      And are you telling me you don't look at any other group of people and judge them based on your perception?

      • Jasmine

        It's not based on perceptions, only on prejudice. If they were actually russians, no one would do such remarks as "still everyone hates you". And it is free xenophobia aimed at a nation, merely offensive, and as a loyal chivette, i feel really bad about this comments. As a French, I don't feel I or anyone from my family or my friends has done anything wrong enough to deserve that kind of hatred. I'm not angry, I'm sad and disturbed.

        • huh?

          Nope instead they would be saying "In Soviet Russia, ladder climb you"

          • Jasmine


  • Michael

    It's easy to tell who here is EMS

  • Stofer71

    This is actually video of a French retreat…not a fire rescue

    • Smirnoff

      Buy new jokes

  • etc4779

    He forgot the hose……

  • steve a reeno

    so what happens if the victums are on the 4th floor?

  • Fasteddy14

    We do the same thing in America…called "drill team" in the volunteer FD. That is much harder than it looks… It takes a lot of practice to get that fast…

  • Chiver

    Clearly they're doing something I can't do but I'm still going to critique it.

  • PVTCowboy

    yeah great. lets see you do that with bunker gear and tanks on.

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