Itsy bitsy teeny weenie… (50 photos)

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  • John Robert

    Awesome for the most part. There might have been one exception. Did you also note that one bikini featured here has the smallest bikini:girl ratio? Yep, it's that exception, photo 30 that should never have seen the light of day. Why Chive, why did that get shown. … Cannot erase from my memory.

  • fabi87

    #45 has got some abs

  • Horny

    41 is smoking

  • Trav1121

    #22 #25 If anyone can hear this, we need more of these two!!

  • Rick

    #17 It's been what, a year? And she's not done with that pizza yet? Does she pay to keep getting posted? Just sayin…

  • Vinnie Napolitano

    #28 wow beautiful

  • Socal77

    #30 did anyone else notice the tsunami area sign. Yeah when she jumps in.

  • Anonymous

    nice all r verysexy big bada boom.

  • anubhav singh

    boom boom.

  • brad

    i must meet the girl in the pink in #24

  • Anonymous

    Jammu (India)

  • Anonymous

    How are you

  • bright

    i am looking for a serious partner

  • Rick

    #25. Yes, please.

  • donwong

    #17 really 2 slices to cover that mitt. Must be one hellava jungle if ur armpit is any indication of what lies below. Yikes!

  • chive

    its akward to see your friends picture on here……lol

  • FullVersionSoftware

    #44 and #45 are beautiful🙂

  • Anonymous

    Please no more #30’s!!!! I just lost my high!!!!!!! I’m about to Chive On to another list.

  • CSheridan12


    i think you borrowed the girl with the small boobs' bikini…

    and i love you for wearing it and her for loaning it to you.

  • absure2

    #2 #8

  • John Weezer

    This post makes me really miss summer. . .

  • War N
  • wolfbreath

    #2 ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg


    #2 WOW. who is she and why have'nt we seen MOAR???????

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