• steve

    You're a faggot if you did not think this was funny.

  • atlantaburning

    Opera is a dork. Oprah is may things, some of which are to be admired, but she is a dork.

  • The Final Countdown: Secretly Crazy Celebrities, Ridiculous Online Dating Sites and the Game Germany Banned for Two Decades |

    […] Oprah and the yelling goat – [TheChive] […]

  • JDB

    Thanks Chive, I haven't had soda come out my nose from laughing so hard in a long time… I needed that today.

  • Jon

    idk why but I found that freaking hilarious

  • panama99

    That goat reminds me of my ex-wife

    Never letting me finish a sentence

  • Da Sandman

    this is brilliant!!!

  • Larry

    Fuck you Oprah- that shit was funnnny.

  • asdfdsa


  • NaNaNaMatmaN

    That was some funny shit! HILARIOUS Can't wait to send link to mom. She"ll never look at this site again… but "Cat Saturday" is all she's sees anyway

  • bridgemaster

    if you don't laugh at this you are an asshole, and you probably like tmz. and uh obviously, fuck you.

  • Mehdals

    HAHA I duno I found that funny as hell!

  • Rick

    Too damn funny lmfao!

  • dasd

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  • videos de humor

    Amazing. So funny.

  • Sam Pittner

    Which one was the goat? lol

  • guest

    I found that hilarious and im baffled as to why it had me peeing my pants … of all things… this video.

  • jasonnewcomb

    I LOLed. Hard.

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