Awesome fantasy football team names (17 Photos)

via Buzzfeed

  • Koneman

    #1 I knew they were gay for each other…

    • john

      or they're just brothers…

      • Selmy

        No I'm pretty sure they both enjoy sucking.

        • Chiverbature

          everyone who watches Football does(in addition to watching burly men in spandex tackle and pile on top of each other). no wonder most of the Chivers are probably football fans.

          • greasdupdeafguy

            is football a little homoerotic? a lttle bit.
            could you go fuck yourself? you bet your ass you could

  • bitch tits

    bitch tits

  • Barrel in a Barrel

    Goddamn intern. Give us more chivettes.

    • Wastedtime

      Agreed. These all sucked.

      • The Chivery

        If you don't enjoy looking at buff, sweaty men in tight cloths then you're not a real Chiver.

        Chive on!

      • hMMMM

        #13 #15 #17 were funny, but the some of the rest were just atrocious.

  • Zesta

    The Plaxidental Shooting

    • aah

      I plaxidentally shot myself

  • Dolfan0925

    Sorry Mac. Yer fired.

    • Bill57

      you can't fire a slave you have to sell them or kill'em

    • Lisa

      And it's Labor Day. 90% of people are off bbq'ing & getting drunk…oh wait…Mac might be doing that too. 😉

      • Bill57

        Get back in the kitchen and cook something. Big Girl.

  • TheDean

    You forgot Lexington Steelers.

    • M.Loaf

      And Little Danny's Woodhead.

  • Connah

    asomugha to mouth.
    ixnay on the heyward-bey.
    ponder in the butt.

    • thom

      I called my team "Show me your TDs!"

  • @irtehmonkeh

    Norfolk 'n' chance… </Brit>

    • I_am_elf

      Suffolk 'n' close……

      • matt

        Novak 'n' Goode.

  • Marklar

    Premature Plaxiculation

  • Nate Dogg

    #15, I like Plaxidental Shooting better…

  • Anonymous

    Breaston Plants=winner

  • AbsolutDrunk

    Dezzie Does Dallas

  • george

    Drinkin FORTE's

    McNairs Shotgun Offense

  • Jason Johnson

    Show me your TDs

    • Adam T. Schick

      That's actually the name of the league I'm in haha

    • Bernard

      My friends name is Big Old TDs

  • MikeOlmos

    #4 The best one!

  • ChiverBU

    Hey! There are people who depend on TheChive. Stop fucking around and post some proper stuff…..please

    • Erik D

      What? You need your repeat pictures and pics of girls that aren't naked? I don't understand people who come to this site for the girls. This is the internet. There's millions of pics of naked girls doing tons of dirty things, and you're worried about mind the gap/gingers/etc?

      • Lotus

        I think most of the people who visit this site only for the girls are either new to the internet or just plain slow. The girls are nice, but are really nothing special as they can be found anywhere on the web.

        That being said I will agree with ChiverBU on the point that the Chive is poorly managed. Its laughable to only put 2 posts out on weekends and holidays. You know it is possible to look ahead a day or two and save some decent posts for the weekend. If you haven't noticed this is exactly what most humor websites do.

        • LOL

          It's the fact that they are real guys that get drunk & fuck up that makes this site what it is. It isn't bottled or canned (I admit, the whole Bucky movie crap comes close) but for the most part, it's a little family run site that isn't perfect.

          They take holidays & weekends off. You don't like it, oh well. Start your own site.

          • Chris Sko

            A "little family-run site"? They sell out and plaster their site with ads to a new movie every week. I love the site too, but christ, some people think Chive is the second coming and won't accept any criticism of it.

            • Ivan

              Let's see.
              It's free.
              They compile a whole bunch of shit from other sites and that saves me a ton of time because I don't have to go all over everywhere.
              They post some original stuff.
              I've sent stuff in & it's been published.
              I look good when I show a girl a pic I took and it's on the site.
              I have gotten sexts because a girl got excited looking at other girls on here.
              And OH YEAH IT'S FREE!!!

              So criticize all you want. It's still probably the best site on the internet.

              • Lotus

                One of the better photodump sites on the internet. Not even close to the funniest.

          • Lotus

            You missed my point. You can still get drunk on the weekend and tell the intern to put up the posts you saved for the weekend instead of the site being dead for two days. Putting no thought into having nothing for the weekend is just lazy, not commendable.

      • ChiverBU

        You were quick to assume I am here only for the girl pictures. There is more to the Chive besides those, as you said. As Ivan said below, it is kind of a quick way spend some time. If nothing works, swear at Paula, tell her how much you hate her to feel good about yourself.

        That being said, I like the gap, burn bra, gingers etc. posts. Typing "nipple pictures" or "camel toe" into Google feels cheap AND the personal pictures from the chivettes makes it even better.

  • Justin Zavalaa

    I dont get it?

    • FreakyBobo

      I would've liked this post..

      ..If I was American..

  • Paula_

    No bloody soccer players!!

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

    • J_Ten

      I like you Paula you are great!

      • Bill57

        great as a good hemeroid

    • nahnormalpls

      those freckle readheads are so damn ugly.

      normal ones can be alright, just as every other girl can be. But damnit, too much freckles is …

      • Erik D

        I agree. Gingers every week, never any black chicks, hardly ever any non-trap Asians. The only black chicks we get are the half black ones with white features.

        • OWjq

          100% true.

        • jtease

          Agreed. 100% with you. More black chicks, please…for the love of all that is good in the world.

  • Geoff

    Mark's Dirty Sanchez

  • Corp

    Don’t… get… references… not…. American…

  • Kris

    MJ Fox and the Shakes (Michael J. Fox)

  • Leonel

    I dont understand any of these. "Football" (american football) is rubbish. Wankers.

    • Dan

      Go play soccer with the other girls.

    • Chris Sko

      "I don't understand it so it sucks. Other cultures are stupid. I'm a troll douchebag."

    • Ashley

      Then why even click on a football post…..
      ignorance comes in all countries.

    • Selmy

      Fuck you, you cock sucking limey. Go kneel before your fucking whore queen.

    • Ashamed Briton

      Come one dude, don't let the team down

  • Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow’s Intact Hymen

  • Dan

    #3 Terrell's Pryor's wins for me!

  • Connor

    It's a shame Yahoo puts a character limit. I wanted to name my team 'In a Van Down by the Rivers'

    • Jason McMurtrey

      I love that SNL skit! Chris Farley was the shit!

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