A Midwestern Chivette: Meet Asa Hope (23 Photos)

About a month ago, I was sent a photo of a smiling Chivette on a skateboard. That image generated enough 'MOAR' emails to feed a small army. So when I found out she lived in LA, we jumped at the opportunity to bring Asa into the office. Asa is about as laid back as they come and having her in the office was a breath of fresh air, I'm pretty sure we caught Mac crying after she left. But Mac cries a lot. I'll let Asa take it from here.

My name's Asa... (ACE-A). For starters, I LOVE food. I spent nearly two years in Culinary Arts before moving from Iowa to LA to pursue a career in acting. Cliche, I know, but chefs really don't care if you miss class because you're working on a film set. I love my friends, they're the best kind because at least they know who they are. I don't have to be big or famous at all, happy and working is fine with me. If you can't tell, I like to smile.. a lot.

I can be very girly-girl I'm a tomboy. I'll challenge anyone to a burping contest and more then likely win! Videos games, golfing, fishing, shooting guns... I've done many, many dumb things in my life, it's how I've learned. Did I mention video games?

I'm a huge Chiver and I've really enjoyed being a part of the community here. I rock 'Keep Calm' more than I should but it's just too fun meeting other Chivers. I'm sure I'll be lurking in the comments if ya' need me for anything.
Keep Calm and Chive On!


Today is Asa's birthday! Wish her a happy birthday on her Facebook Page.

Today is Asa’s birthday! Wish her a happy birthday on her Facebook page here.

  • Chim Richels


    Looks great in some pics, average in others, bad in some.

    Very cute, but the photos are kinda inconsistent to me.

    • Jen

      uh…she gained weight. pretty obvious.

    • BSS


    • lando


      I think your standards might be a bit high

      #3, #24, #18

    • The Chivster

      you my friend are a douche bag

      • Jen

        Jen – you are making this Jen look bad.

        • Jen


    • some guy

      Wrong. You are wrong. Except the "Looks great" and "Very cute" parts.

    • yodaddy

      Clearly coming from someone who looks like an idiot in all his pics.

      • gosuckit

        All the fanboys and pussy worshipers will go crazy defending her now.

        • @*#h

          i know, right? i just like to sit back and laugh at them because they think they're so undeniably right.

    • Aloienw

      Poor grammar in introductory paragraph, has one film credit – taking off her clothes in a D-horror movie, gave up on being a chef? Color me unimpressed.

      • Mintaka

        since when do we discriminate against girls willing to shed her clothes in a horror movie? It's a hollywood right of passage and you should respect it!! She cooks, she's cute and you're probably in your mom's basement right now . . .

  • misschris

    I like this cutie! #17 lovely eyes and a great, friendly smile

    • horndog

      you go both ways???

  • Ed.

    Cute ASA button! see what I did there…

  • Colin

    #19 draws a good ol' WTF?

  • Sedai

    She's hot.

  • newscot

    You're beautiful Asa. Thanks for sharing!
    #19 – So cute!

  • intmid8or

    vivid entertainment may be hiring actresses, you should check that out

  • Armedand Dangerous

    And she can shake hands! Unlike…well, it was deleted. What? Too soon?

    • joe chiver


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547783528 Alex Clarke

    Helloooooo beautiful 😀

  • soda pop

    Cute….but not amazing.

  • MOAR

    #11 oops. Forgot to focus on the subject.

  • davey

    She is very pretty! ❤

  • Chivoso

    boring, I'm not sure I understand why you do these features

    • jason

      if this bored you, I've got some bad news…


      • Guesty

        You're right Jason, a gif of a chick smiling in a camera is the pinnacle of entertainment, you fucking retard

        • JOiw

          HA! well said Guesty.

  • darwin


    That smile

  • Woody

    Are you single? Because I’m in love.

  • Rhye

    I'm pretty sure you are my soulmate.. and I live in LA too haha

  • KyleGamgee

    #17 Gorgeous!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=32101750 Marc D'Annunzio

    Super cute chivette! Thanks for the contagious smile Asa!

  • HillBilly Bone

    Certainly worthy of COTW. Stunning.

    Have a great birthday!

  • stiffler

    #9 Dear God.
    Asa you said you'd be lurking in the comments..so what do you think about long distance relationships?

  • supachaz3@yahoo.com

    You are stunning!

  • Verbal_Kint

    Fantastic. You're gorgeous, and Happy Birthday!

    • Brother M.

      you sound like a fruit.

      • Verbal_Kint

        That was some funny shit. Thanks for the lol.

  • ClarkWayne


  • NoZ

    #9 has to be my favorite. Very cute, and probably one of the best looks.

  • austin

    Stop trolling this girl she is gorgeous!!!

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