• Paula_

    Fuck I'm Really So Tired!!

    – the one you love to hate

    • off

      then go mimis



    • Ryan

      gotta give you credit Paula you get a first in there and no one says anything about it.

    • ED.TTTTT


      • Greg Lee

        please don't feed the troll

  • Juliana Gallioli

    this is AMAZING!

  • shanemcguire88

    holy shit…. i'll watch again when i give a fuck..

  • off

    what a waste of perfectly good shoes

    • beat rice

      Honestly, if you're going to spend all that effort to build trikes for adults why not spend a little more time to add brakes?

      • U street noobs.

        See dudes post below: the explanation for those of you who don't know is this: when you are going that fast down hill on something like taht you have 3 options: 1)brakes that you A. toggle lightly, never fully, and B. are NOT disc brakes. 2) stand up or use clothing to aerodynamically throttle back 3) skid your shoes lightly on the pavement. -> Any misuse of these or other attempt will threw you from the bike you're on and smear you across the pavement. You ever wrecked at anything over 20mph on pavement? let alone 60 mph? Good bye flesh….like…permanently. Hello skin grafts. Brakes? Ya right dude.

  • Carbon

    You saw the holes…they went through.

  • Jeff


  • waryee

    i wouldn't want to run out of shoe…

  • StanDoffish

    Brakes might make it a whole lot more fun.

    • chogme

      they were using their brakes. they had to put their feet down to stabilize themselves so they didn't spin out or lose control

  • Iam_Dave

    Good video production… very cinematic, well done.
    Looks like fun too!

    • Mr. Poland

      I was impressed up until the part where it just ended.

  • disappointed

    It never really looked like they got above 15mph. Dramatic camera angles can only fool us so much. Seemed a bit like someone was having fun with their new HD cameras, rather than actually having any intention to do any kind of amazing speed on trikes.

    • spears

      i feel bad for you. Nothing about that video was fake. Put three wheels on a mountain like that and you can easily reach 50 mph.

    • Reality Check

      It's completely possible to build up and hold the speed like they did, especially with the extra traction from the rear tires.


      Dude…no. Just no. You can't appreciate something like that unless you've DONE something like that. I hit 60 mph down hill on Mt. Mansfield on Vermont on a hybrid bicycle, it was nearly as twisty as that, and believe me you are SHITTING your pants the whole F-ing time, because you CANT….see here for those who didnt understand the shoe thing they were doing….CANT use your brakes, or you will flat out DIE. You will FLIP out of the bike and become street paste. Trust me kiddo-> the ONLY thing you have the right to be dissapointed in here is your lack of personal experience with which to appreciate how BOSS something like this is. Sit down dude. Sit down.

  • Safety Salamander

    This is amateur hour compared to the real stuff. Drift Trikes.

    • Yoshi

      Real like Mario Kart!

  • tmimitw

    the youtube channel is devinsupertramp and there are a lot of other videos there too

  • Bill

    Reminds me of the South Park episode when Stan and Cartman have an epic tricycle chase.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Cartoon Wars! Awesome edition!

  • BIll57

    Fred Flinstone LIVES!!

  • The_Dood

    I see we're already making up for yesterday… This is pretty awesome.

  • xaa

    x treem!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    idiots y u brake with feet ?

  • jkmcdermott

    Caught between thinking this is fun and wondering what got into the water supply out there to cause this massive retardation.

  • Slugman2000

    So they rigged tricycles without brake sand drag their feet to slow down. Not impressed, actually pretty stupid… They are trying to make it dangerous for no god reason.

    • spears

      God reason? Spell check, sir. Don't get mad just because this scares you sitting in your room. Have you done anything extreme lately?

  • andyp311

    the trike racing is rad, but the location of the race looks amazing

  • torainca

    They need to add steel plate shoes to the mix, it will make some nice sparks fly up. Motorcycle racers wear them

    • K.C.

      One day these boys will grow up and actually do something productive with their lives… wait a minute… they won't.

    • ZombieBootParty

      Less friction = less braking. Metal would definately slow you down less. Only track racers wear those and that is for stability not braking.

    • torainca

      I wasn't thinking of the braking aspect of it, more of the visual. I am sure something could be modified to do both.

  • TurdFerguson

    meh….still trikes.

  • Mike

    Why not just use brakes?

  • 2cool4skool

    Extreme Tricycling, AKA, hows about a little road rash?


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

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