• ludo006

    First 🙂 maybe last…

    • Juice springsteen

      Retarded 😐 Definitely retarded…

  • Jonathan

    And not even 1 backflip…

  • Iam_Dave


    • IamBob

      You fuckin' get the kahunas to do that then do it THEN come back and comment meh.

  • Sesuj

    I have to say it but that is a jump not a dive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/linky79 Leigh Sleight

      I concur

    • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.prior Anthony Prior

      i too concur

  • cliffdivechallenge

    there are people out there who do that on a daily basis with flips and spins and shit… meh, lame

    • hmmmm

      Yep, but those guy have trained a lot and probably worked up to this sort of the height bit by bit over years.

      This guy looks like he has no fucking clue what hes doing, he just went up and jumped off a 100ft cliff! Now that takes balls.

  • beat rice

    I could've sworn that title said 1000. And there I was expecting 900 more feet…… some day

  • Benny Maltese


    now that is cool!

    • J.D.

      Lol waaaay too much production going into some kids jumping off ledges.

      • Broseph Stalin

        haha yeah no kidding. Those guys were just jumping off that big cliff too. Only on the small ones would they do flips or dive. I think this cliff MIGHT even be higher.

        • gosure

          ya and the vid if filled with dues so gay

  • Pants

    No flips or funny ass splat? I am disappoint.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    that scream in mid jump was him thinking he was going to die

    • Crazy Shit

      Yea i jumped off a 70 foot one and i thought i was falling to my death, i honestly couldnt imagine how long that felt

  • Justin

    I'm confused as to how that was a 100 foot drop (and how he is still alive). It looks like he was falling for ~3.5 to 4 seconds… that would be ~200 feet. Check out the article on suicides on the Golden Gate, 4 second drop = 245" = hitting water at 75 mph… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Gate_Bridge#S

    • knotmee

      dude look at the playtime of the video… he's falling for just less than 2 seconds.

      • Johnny Two Toes

        Assuming he was in the air for a full 2 seconds, that would put his distance at about 65 feet. That looks about right according to the video. People have a tendency to greatly over estimate height, this was not 100 feet.

        • Broseph Stalin

          noooo look when he jumps. He doesn't look like he's away from the edge until he's like a quarter down. That's a SOLID 3 second free fall

        • John

          yeah as soon as I saw this video, my imediate guess was 65 ft.

          • Crazy Shit

            ive jumped off a 70 foot one and had it recorded and this is definitely higher than that

    • SkyVader

      You should have just said, "Cool!".

    • Pops

      No yea he fell for right around 3.5 seconds

  • Stan_Dalone

    It all dpoends on how you land, cliff diving championships in mexico are over 100ft too. Regardless of how high it is, it takes a massive amount of guts to do it

    • knotmee

      meh. i jumped off of the victoria falls bridge over the zambezi river, that was way more intense than this little 100 ft jump

  • RIchard

    you owe me lunch SUCKER!

  • loso

    am i to far down too also concur ?

  • thatdamnmoose

    172 feet, with two flips an opening followed by a third flip. this vid can suck it

    • MAX_POW

      this guy is a professional world champion!!!…you can not compare bro!

    • absolutcarcrazy

      I was going to watch it…then i realized it was 4 minutes long.

  • http://watchthisradio.com Aaron

    The noise he makes right before hitting the water is priceless and is now what you hear when I get a text message.

  • Daba

    Crazy 100ft dive is crazy

  • Phil

    That would have hurt his arms pretty bad, we'd pin drop when we did it. Then you open your arms after you break the surface.

  • Jeff

    This weekend I jumped a 100ft. cliff in Tobermore, Ontario, Canada, It's fucking exhilarating!!

    • fibonacci5150

      I was thinking there were some cliff jumpers around when I lived there as a little kid, this looks safer than what they were doing. They were jumping into a river right next to a waterfall. It makes a cool story bro

  • Taylor

    where is this

  • Dude

    Devils punch bowl. Many kids have died doing this, he’s lucky he wasn’t one of them

  • Calem

    That place is called the devils punchbowl , it’s near Julian Ca ,… Its a rad place .. I’ve berm there many times ,… And to all the haters out there , it is 100 ft , at least

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Did some kid not die there recently and they shut it down? Or was that another place near there?

      • Sandizzle

        Yeah he died from the heat…apparently, We went there to jump the day after he died and it was closed!…but it re-opens sometime this month.

    • SanDizzle

      I agree, I myself am from San Diego and we measured it with a rope, came out to be 108.2 feet

  • what

    Wheres the cliff Dive? Thats cliff jumping

  • Moby

    Approximately 190 foot jump
    About 53 mph
    I did the math for you faggots

    • John

      Approximately 70 ft TOPS jump
      I have jumped off of things before
      I used common sense for you doucheass

  • Alan

    time is just under 3 seconds, making it about 44 feet – time is a bit hard to judge, but its under 50 feet for sure

    • Munokhoi

      Hmm…three seconds of free fall means a distance, without factoring a drag coefficient, of ~ 144 ft. Many variables, but calling it a one hundred foot drop seems perfectly reasonable.

  • Dave

    RIP Cliff

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