So many humps, so little time (71 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Please tell me #69 is photoshop or im leaving my g/f in search of her.

  • Anonymous

    When I can’t pick one that is the best from the lot, you know it was a good hump day. Thank you Chive

    -Your Chiver from Bhutan

  • T juice

    ohhh my god she's beautiful and super hot #60

    • Master_Rahl

      a definite FIND HER – fo sho!

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    Does Anyone Else have an Internal Soundtrack of the Thong Song Playing in their heads as soon as you open the Hump Day Post? Or is it just me?

    #69 Dumps Like A Truck
    #30 Thighs Like What
    #23 Baby Move Your Butt

  • UlicQel


    Would love to see that from the front as well

  • Keepin Calm

    #38 Creeper

    • Keepin Calm

      Wrong Number #39

  • Anonymous

    #69 be mine

  • patov40

    #6, #13, #57, #59, #60 – Thank you ladies! B)

  • fibonacci5150

    #70 awwww yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, followed by gerbil noises

  • soda pop

    Fricken awesome…..

  • AtothaB

    #40 R2 Girls is that you?

    • R2_Pinky

      Why yes, it is! Good eye, lol. 🙂

      • jjj

        was that also you in #25 #26 #33 ?

      • B dub

        ur booty is beautiful!!!

      • AtothaB

        I'm a booty connoisseur

  • Irish Chiver

    #2 Please find this hottie, need more of this shoot!!!!

  • Polmonkey

    It goes without saying but #69 FIND HER!!!!!!!!!

  • techno_viking

    And poosay of the day goes to…. #50. A thing of beauty…

  • @danieljillm

    #3 #69 These are on my Christmas wish list! DO YOU HEAR ME SANTA??? Bring to me or the puppy dies!

  • intmid8or

    #35 can i see a bit more?

  • r|z

    #69 is FAKE.
    sorry to burst your bubbles guys…
    but the bent bottle top means 'photoshopping'.

    • TDP

      every picture of ever model in every magazine everywhere in the world is shopped and brushed… doesn't mean i can't enjoy it… hey R / Z … GFY

  • 2audentes2

    #2 the ideal woman

    • ATL Chiver

      PERFECTION…someone please find this woman

  • toastymoe

    #35 – i see what you did there

  • Yep!

    So many wonderful Humps. Took me forever to get past #1 #2 and then #69 Holy Hell!!!

  • Dangbeing

    #55 The Chive should have THONG Thursdays

  • P90

    This is, without doubt, my favourite post so far.

  • Beer man

    Nice hump day

  • Smuggler

    #5 That hump does not belong here.

    • Drewcifer

      you sir, are WRONG. Thanks goes out to that lovely tushy! 🙂


    IF #69 was standing on my head, my toungue would beat my brains out trying to get to her!

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