So many humps, so little time (71 photos)

  • Chivoso

    #69… real? Need MOAR, MUCH MOAR to determine if real.

  • Carbon

    Holy Humps Batmap, viewing this once just won't do. Truly a lovely Humpday to all!

  • Dano

    #41 find her…

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      Yeah, he looks hot!

    • Kris

      She lives in Nebraska. Everything else there is flat.

  • LatinHeat


  • chicago

    #69 keep re-posting, anytime. #2 and #11 … l'amour de la Humps

  • chocoze


    Gotta love and respect a woman who will cook for you.

  • Rick

    #33 #53 Best chievette humps out there. There are few that are better but they don't seem like chivettes =/

  • Hundee

    #69 The Lord is my shepherd, he knows what I want.

  • Mein Fuhrer

    Great work ladies. Unbelievable tekkers.

  • German

    #69 will always be the best, for know

  • brent

    #1 #2 amazing.

  • kingcobra27

    #37 #52

    DAYUMMMMMM black man approved ass right thurrrrr

    • Drew1720

      bro #49 was her again lol

  • peckerwood

    wow, these were good, but then the 60's series kicked it up to notches that were legendary. I heart #61.

  • John


    I am a sailor, and I approve this.

  • Gabe

    WTF is #58 doing in there? That is terrible.

    • Mike Oxlong

      Dropped the remote.

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      Gabe, you are correct sir. There were a few clunkers in this week's batch. Some might point to #41 as another example.

    • chelsearules

      I'm really afraid she's under 18. She has the body of a ten year old.

  • humpty dumpty

    #70 oddly made me loose any arousal I may have had

  • beauty&braids

    #1 is the best.all the others meh.

  • bkfrijoles

    #59 needs some more Love, seriously wow all those legs and an ASS

  • payazo

    thank god, there are beautiful women in the world that can make me happy day
    #11 #16 #50 #40

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  • laelow

    #28 and #24 FTW.

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  • ss396maxx

    #1, #69 MONEY!!!!!!!!! Just post them all day long.

  • typotech

    #69 is so full of win

  • Inlovewithno.69

    #69 FIND HER X 100!!
    I would do just about anything for a night with her… Cash, body parts, you name it woman lol, Damn girl, work it!
    The things I would do to you…. I'd haunt your dreams!

    Yum 🙂

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