• penis


    • Shizz


    • MammyNun3


    • tznatch


    • 4nbstd


    • 'merica


    • Average Chiver

      penis?? WHERE?!?

    • mooo

      you're a stupid ignorant fuck

    • diego

      you see, the joke here is that the "girl" isn't that much of a girl

  • Brady

    Duck face @ 2:10….

    • KCJake

      Still hot. Extremely.

  • IAmKazaam

    thats 3:26 closer to hump day…

  • Donna_Romper

    I love this and don't understand why.

    • metroman87

      donna your weird

  • child.molester

    she can lip sync with my cock anytime…

    • Stewie

      She'd need to. . .as you have no penis

      • pbb005


        • keags

          hahahahhaahahahahahaahahaha too stewie

  • nomiss05

    Find Her

    • bisketz

      Rhian Ramos

    • rannicus

      rhian ramos

  • anon

    Girl is pretty hot…

    • snowbird

      just love asians

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Yeah I thought she was pretty hot too but now thanks to the Chive every time I see a hot Asian Girl I always ask myself, "Is she really a she or is she a he?".

      Thanks Chive.

      • me!

        so dam true, thats wt I thought the whole time

      • keags

        fuck you, you just ruined it for me….ive seen enough henti to know where this is going…

      • mooooo

        She's Filipina. You should ask that if you see Thais instead

        • yep

          Plenty of trannies in PI too. I was sitting in a bar in Manila with my wife last year and she pointed across the bar at a woman. She asked me "Do you think she's pretty?". I said "yeah, she's ok" She laughed and said "Tha's a man!" I spent the rest of the night laughing everytime some older drunk guy would sit next to "her".

          I know…cool story bro. If you want me to tell it again I will.

      • borky101

        She's a she.

  • Ryan

    Wow…. This video was amazing.

  • yup

    Is it just me, or is that girl too hot for that family?

    • Junart Sodoy

      It's typical in a Filipino family to have at least one hot chick in the group.

      • ur-right

        sad but true..

      • anon


    • Jessica

      She's half Filipino and the rest are full Filipino.

      • whitestupidguy

        another moron. those guys are americans.

        • Junart Sodoy

          Yeah if they live here in the US they will consider themselves Americans.

  • myNameIs

    Where would we be without the Philippines ?

    • God

      in a better place

      • KevinMcBerger

        u anus

      • cobrasvt

        i dont know what girls live in your mind haha you probably dont realize that a lot of hot babes are mixed with filipino lineage!

    • Mark Rea


    • yep

      I'd be without my Filipina wife and two sons…

  • Graphix

    I can't wait to try out that double fist pound-it dance on karaoke night

  • Ernie


    • Bob


  • Jason

    Find the girl CHIVE!!!

    • lol

      rhian ramos

      • Randall Gallegos

        well done sir, well done.

        • ur-right

          local celebrity.. not that hard to find

          • Justin Hall

            Yea, local if you live in the fucking Philippines.

            Welsh-Filipino descent. Filipino halfies are the hottest women in the world.

            • ren

              thats right sir, if you dont mind, try searching, christine reyes, bangs garcia, maja salvador,sam pinto, there's a lot more hot filipino girls!

  • Jimmy
    • danimal

      your links suck

    • rlogan75

      oh yeah… peacock is muuuuch better .. thanx!!! lol

    • Jimmy
      • Randall Gallegos

        this is easily the funniest thing i have seen in a LONG time. im embedding this so more people actually know what it is!!

        • drehgz

          the same guy did one for lady gagas telephone, its even better than this one

    • messy

  • Anon

    Google Rhian Ramos.

    • Anon

      Well done, Young Noble Steed.

  • Donna_Romper

    Super hot exchange student.

  • Jimmy

    sorry the video didn't embed

    • 'merica

      useless fuck!

  • NicoNico

    moymoypalaboy enjoys this kind of thing

    and for those that like moustaches

  • hshappley

    She is SEXY!

  • Nick

    girl is a dude. Adams Apple…don't any of you live on the West Coast?

  • Anon

    The girl's name is Rhian Ramos.

    • Womp

      dunno why but google corrected my search to Rhian Sugden…. enjoy

  • Whoreislandnative

    FIND HER!!

    • muawhahaha

      i second this motion…..FIIIIIIIIIIND HEEEEEEEEEER

  • Rahm Emanuel

    The chick is a dude!!!!

    • americansareidiots

      it's a chick, how can that be a dude?! STUPID

      • Ryan

        Have you ever been to the Philippines? My first thought was that it might be a dude. If it isn't that Rhian Ramos chick I would say there is a 50/50 chance that it is a guy.

  • Smurf_taint

    Only reason anyone would watch this- hot chick. Otherwise this is one of the gayest things i've seen on theChive.

    • leon

      unless you are a filipino chiver who knows and have been watching those comedians back there in the philippines. smurf is one of the gayest thing btw.

      • Smurf_taint

        If these are comedians, they should consider a moment of personal reflection. And re-evaluate their career choice. Because they lick taint.

  • Jimmy
    • Coldzilla

      Dude give up already……..

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