• Appreciative Person

    The Thomas Edison of our time. RIP Steve Jobs you live on through your innovation

    • qwertz

      You mean all these stolen inventions and patents?

      Yeah, as a human being – requiescat in pace, as Steve Jobs – go burn in hell.

      • Julian

        Haters gonna Hate

        • qwertz

          Go buy you all new iCoffin.

          • Firefighter23

            Ok ok ok I hate Edison more than anyone ever. Nikola Tesla mother fucker

            • Patrick M.

              +1 for Nick Tesla

              • Firefighter23

                Thank you Patty.

          • Jack_LeMac

            Childish qwertz is a child

    • wat

      He was good, but to compare him to Edison is retarded as hell.

      • Gaucho

        Only because Edison was the king of thieving assholes. Nikola Tesla FTW! Having said that, RIP Steve. You will be missed.

      • Patrick R Temple

        Edison was more businessman that inventor quite like Jobs. The comparison fits.

    • iGaucho

      I don't think it's correct to compare him to Edison. The real comparison would be with Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs simply had the vision to push for greatness and innovation. Without Wozniak Apple never would have had a single product to sell.

    • alexri

      The apple that changed our world

      • The_Dood

        Or if you're religious, the second apple that changed our world.

        • Urban


          • OQuijas

            What about Newton's apple, and William Tell's apple, they are notable ommissions

            • The_Dood

              Good point sir.

      • Simon Phoenix

        Three apples changed the world.. the first one seduced Eve, the second one awakened Newton and the third one was in the hands of Steve Jobs.


    • Stan_Dalone

      He was way to young, fuck cancer

    • ConstableDubs

      The New York Times compared Steve Jobs to Einstein. Yeah, I don't think so. Not even close.

      • Simon Phoenix

        nOT EVEN CLOSE .. Huge impact on our lives. Great guy … innovator .. buisness man etc. NOT Einstein. Not even close.

    • Tomcobain


  • Wally W.

    My first computer was an Apple II, and today I make my livelihood using a host of Apple products. Thanks, Steve.

    • Sploooooge

      Even though I am using a SGS 2, I would like to thank Steve Jobs for setting the benchmark for all other brands to improve their products.

      If it wasn't for you I would probably being using a black and white phone with monotone ring tones.

  • Chiefer

    Maybe he left instructions to aprove the chive app in his will.

    • Adversaries


  • LoSo216

    R.I.P. Mr. Jobs. You were a brilliant mind. Your legacy will live on.

  • Cambo196

    Even those of us who aren't avid Apple fans must recognise the significance of job's work on today's, and our future, society.

    • Cambo196


      • Grammar freak

        Jobs's dipshit

        • @cambo196

          Actually Jobs' is acceptable for denoting singular possession. If a name ends with an "S" you don't have to add another after the apostrophe as you would otherwise. For instance Chris' house is the same as Grammar Freak's incompetence in grammar 🙂

        • dirtysteve99

          Grammar freak, you are the quintessential internet failure.

    • LG_

      Completely agree – the world lost an innovator and a visionary today and although I am sure Apple has many innovative people to follow suit, he really was a legend and front runner in the field of technology.

      He struggled with cancer for quite some time and although he really is in a better place, I can't imagine how his family and the Apple family are taking this. My heart definitely goes out to them.


      apple sucks

      • Yousuck

        You suck.

    • Troels

      I'm completely against Apple products and the way they sell them, that being said, this is very sad news indeed.
      He turned Apple from being broke to being one of the leading corporations, financially. He is man who deserves respect for what he did. He has earned that from me.

      • Really?

        Not to mention Pixar. I'm sure all these "Apple Sucks" people keep forgetting that part.

    • switch_24

      Agreed. Apple fanboy or not, people will surely miss his brilliance. I'm happy that I was able to live in his time and was able to see his vast contribution to the computing and mobile industry.

      • @Pekito_RL

        I'm not a fanboy, but every musician I know and love eventually works on an Mac. Even if you don't like or use apple products, you can't deny their influence. That's Steve Jobs' legacy, right there.

    • Maddoxx

      Everyone hyperventilating, repeat after me: "I am not defined by the products I buy. My computer is not a part of my identity. My computer is a tool. And like all tools, it's only useful if I make it useful. A brand is not a lifestyle. I don't owe gratitude to a billionaire I helped create. Steve Jobs was a business man who charged exhorbitantly for his products. He didn't do us any favors. He didn't make us. We made him".

  • nelly

    did he died?

    • Malboro


    • Ashley Mayfield-cowan

      you, sir, are a fucking moron.

      • You are lame bitch

        what an ugly cunt you are

  • Flow

    I have never been and will never be an Apple user, since they do not cater to my preferences, but the importance of the brand in the evolution of the computer industry and thus the importance of Steve Jobs, as the mastermind behind the brand, is beyond doubt.

    While I never bought anything he sold, still a hats off to one of the great ones of our time.
    Rest in peace.

    • Matt Hoyler

      Thank you for your class, sir.

      • snowboardstud911

        That is the kind of respect Steve has earned. R.I.P

    • Chive_On

      My thoughts exactly.

      It takes a certain kind of man to be able to come back from being ripped off so badly by Bill Gates, and create an empire to rival him.

      • Dave Vachon

        In fairness, it's not even a rivalry anymore. Apple dominates … and this is not coming from an Apple fanboy.

    • Dick Salad

      I concur

    • qwert

      i agree… but you guys are forgetting his role behind pixar… or, well, 3D animation in general

      r.i.p. steve jobs

  • turd ferguson

    too bad he didn't make any iorgans to help him out

    • Matt

      ^^^This comment should be deleted

      • The Chive sucks!!!!

        Keep it! Thats funny as shit!

    • zzzzz


    • TheYeasterBunny

      i lol'd

    • halassssss

      if you truly believe that then you are a fucking moron.

    • Maytrix

      It was a poor comment, but let's not go crazy thinking he invented the computer. Because he didn't.

      • blkdrgn

        i remember reading before the number is somewhere around 11% Mac usage. the rest is windows or some other OS. as far as economical Macs are one of the most expensive machines out there. almost the twice the price if you were to match hardware specs.

        • Danny Spencer

          This guy…. "if he hadn't made it incredibly easy for users to connect to the internet, rude comments like the one above wouldn't have been a reality".

          Ok his post was bad, but seriously you're talking absolute shit

          • Koon

            agreed. talk about hyperbolic bullshit…..

            • Ed Wood

              WOW. she was getting thumbed down on all of her comments, so she deletes them all. yeah, SHE DOESN'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! NO SIR!

          • Frank Prill

            Again we understand he did a significant amount in the computer industry but it is like saying without Henry Ford we would not have modern cars. (Yes we would)

          • Chive_On

            This is what I was hoping to avoid. Always gotta be an extremist Apple Fanboy in, fucking things up.

            Yes, the man made significant advances to how technology is used today. He literally dominated the smartphone market for a time, and his business model was so staggeringly effective, people like you were created.

            That said, he wasn't a solo act. Jobs was one of the pioneers, sure, but he didn't do it alone. And he certainly didn't make things easier for everyday computer users. He created an elitist class. If you had the money, you could join.

            So don't ever assume that he made it easy for everyday users to compute, he made his money on making it easy for the rich to do so. I have respect for the man simply for the fact that he and Steve Wozniak survived, and created an empire. As Dave Vachon said earlier, they're dominating at the moment due to his tenacity and business model.

            • Oliver Vorian Wang

              For every extremist apple "fanboy" (or "fangirl", in this case) there are at least five other equally extremist individuals in the windows camp. Stop whining. LG_ has a point, it's just that I don't think she made it properly. Apple was the first computer company that put out a computer with a Graphical User Interface, thus setting the bar for end-user interactivity until today. If you still do command-line prompts, then I'd have nothing to say to you. If you don't, then at least show some goddamn motherf*cking respect.


            • Patricio

              It's okay to make an exaggerated statement–but, please stop vehemently defending your initial statement that was flat out wrong.

              "If it wasn't for him you wouldn't even have a computer to type your comments onto or a venue to post your disrespectful words."

              That statement acts as though he invented the computer. I understand you trying to tell that commenter off, but…just admit you were wrong and stop trying to cover it up.

              • Patricio

                I was merely replying to your last post. There were a string of comments, so I felt it was most appropriate to put it at the end (I find it to be courteous, like letting someone finish talking before you begin to speak). I was peeved as well, and I appreciate you saying that the comment was inappropriate. I don't like exaggeration, so the comment, I re-posted above, kind of bugged me. If it was poorly worded, and that's all, I apologize. However, your comments later seemed like those of an embarrassed individual who was called out for stating a false truth. Who or whom created the computer is a fact, not a belief. I was simply commenting on the fact. An opinion can never be wrong, merely misguided.

                • Coiejiw

                  "However, your comments later seemed like those of an embarrassed individual who was called out for stating a false truth."

                  yeah, she does that alot.

                  • dan

                    rabble rabble rabble

                  • Red

                    except this time she just deleted fuckin' everything. i think the surprise of most people not having their noses up her ass and thumbing up her comments for no reason, put her into shock…..

              • zingman

                Oh LG ..stop trying to so hard to prove that you are a stupid retarded hoe. We already know that. Now go back to blowing seagulls.

                • dirtysteve99

                  hoe – garden instrument? Zing fail.

              • Brother M.

                "That statement acts as though he invented the computer. I understand you trying to tell that commenter off, but…just admit you were wrong and stop trying to cover it up."


            • gates

              BILL GATES had a bigger influence on the computer and the internet than JOBS. JOBS success came from music and phones(IPOD-IPHONE) but in computers he could never challenge GATES.

              • Matthew Montgomery

                Agree Also Google revolutionized the internet not Microsoft not Apple. Microsoft revolutionized how pricing was done with the computer more then apple. Instead of paying hundreds of millions of dollars to develop software for the computer they just went to Microsoft. I would say Apple revolutionized the music industry and the smart phone industry nothing more.

        • Moderator

          Scumbag Lauren Gentile:
          Claims to not care what people think of her.
          Deletes her comments when they're unanimously thumbed down.

          • LG_

            I care what people think about me, sure. Don't you? It's human.
            I've had a shit ton of comments thumbed down that have remained undeleted, and as such, being ''thumbed down" really doesn't bother me in the slightest. We are talking about 'points' in an online forum, afterall. There's a big world outside of theChive and this site isn't even a sliver of my life.

            I deleted the comments because I was wrong for believing certain things that I've read about Steve Jobs, for getting on a pro-Jobs tangent because I was highly disturbed by the disrespect of the original poster's comment, and because there's no point in keeping my thoughts online if they are incorrect and/or making people pissed. They are my thoughts, I didn't express them adequately, and I am free to delete them as I please if I do not believe that what I wrote was correct or representative of what I was trying to say.

    • APuppyNamedToby

      Too soon? Maybe for some but still funny

    • turd ferguson

      actually…….bill gates.

      • turd ferguson

        your retarted. at least gates is alive.

      • itruth

        Jeezus christ women ! Your tiny little slutty brain will explode ,just pose in ur undies and all will be forgotten.

      • dirtysteve99

        No they don't, neither do those texts say that Jobs did. Xerox had both those features, Apple just made them commercial, and their mouse was developed by an outside contractor.

      • PoohBear

        So the GUI and the Mouse were "stolen" from Xerox. Jobs popularized it a bit with the mac, then Gates popularized the PC (and with it the mouse and GUI). Mac struggeld for a while during the time Jobs had been ousted, but he came back with a vengance and things really took off with the iPod.

      • Kristi@cusom

        lol "historical texts" wtf

    • turd ferguson

      maybe I should have posted a meme saying, "I dont always release a shitty Iphone. But when I do, I die." would that have been better?

    • Ashley Mayfield-cowan

      too soon, man, too soon…

    • truthserum

      THANK GOD IT WASN'T LG THOUGH RIGHT YOU GUYS? A Chiver's eulogy to her:

      Ummmm…..she had really nice T & A…..yeah, I beat off to my he many times with my little friend….uh what else…..oh – she was VERY defensive of her other Chive sluts like Erin and Willow because she was kind of like a musketeer "all for cum and cum for all!" kind of way of taking life by he testes and tickling them just so….uh…….gosh, I just can't believe she was shitting against a tree and a coconut hit her in the noggin!"



      • CIA

        And your eugulogy? Oh that's right, there will be none because no one would mourn your sorry ass dying! It'd be a celebration for everyone you've ever known both online and offline, of this I am positive, because you would've died by way of sucking yourself off and chocking on your own cum. Or would it be death by inserting head too far into anus? Possibly both at the same time, because I'm sure someone like you is completely capable of managing that!

        This chick works her ass off daily to protect your pathetic low-life ass from serious threats to our nation and when that girl passes in the very distant future, she'll have a thousands people there at her funeral, maybe even a nation of mourning with the way this chick is going in government. She is gorgeous and defends other girls who are attacked by you pricks, yes, and she also has quite the following because of her federal security know-how, so if we're really splitting hairs here, between the people she stands up for and the national government that she is bettering and protecting, that girl will have miles of people with her on that fateful day.

        Kindly GTFO and work on those cum guzzling tactics of yours.

        • pelicans

          just keep her away from pelicans.

          • Seagulls

            and seagulls.

            • TERRY BURKE

              and TERRY BURKE

              • window

                and window comp.

      • Titoitte


    • rich

      too soon, delete

      • turd ferguson

        go whine somewhere else, its not like you knew him! get over it!

        • Darkside

          Maybe LG should just be eye candy…after her first two points, I lost interest.

          • Once a fan

            agreed. she just comes across as sanctimoniously pretentious after awhile……

    • Guesty

      Shut up and take pictures in your underwear

    • Uncle Scotty

      Turd's comment was the best because it makes a very important point. What did Jobs really accomplish with his life? He never invented anything important. He was a salesman who sold things to people with too much money and not enough sense. He stole ideas. He didn't even improve the products he stole, he was just a lot better at marketing. He's being hailed for superficial reasons by superficial people.

  • Sam

    A true visionary.

    • Stan_Dalone

      Sam you are correct he was a visionary, he has changed the future of the world with his visions of products. this world will not be the same without him. Imagine what he would have thought of had he lived another 20 years

      • TheYeasterBunny

        i know….imagine if he was able to game some other organs and cheat death for another 20 years….

      • Jbass

        He would have found Skynet. Sad day for Terminators.

  • Art

    We all lost a friend today. God bless and take good care of this legendary man!

    • Danny Spencer

      Wasn't my friend? :S

      • Troy

        u do realise he was an arse in real life right?

        he should be remembered for his amazing mind, not his personality

        Facts :
        – He denied he had a daughter for 2 years forcing the mum and daughter to live off Welfare for 2 years
        – In his early years he screwed his close friend and business partner Woz when Atari asked them both to write the code for "Breakout" game. they got a $5k bonus and gave Woz $375 bucks and didnt tell him about the rest. AND woz did the majority of the code…

        even his collegues describe him as arrogant

        dunno about you, but i'd prefer someone else as a "friend"

  • chelsearules

    Seriously? For real? For real and for true?

    • nelly


    • Stan_Dalone

      ya ok you are nutz

      • pics

        so i guess that means she's hot… pics ensue?

        • Stan_Dalone

          if you cab find them

          • Roady

            can not cab

            • OhOkayThen

              i can cab! it's pretty easy! you should try it!

  • Ray

    #legend, maybe he will be approve the Chive App from up above

  • Rodkjoe

    so? some rich bastard who's products i don't use, died. i'll shed a tear for those who don't already have millions to mourn them.

    • Matt

      The reason you're even able to type this asanine comment from your personal computer, is all thanks to Steve Jobs, you ignorant prick. Steve Jobs revolutionized the technology world and changed the way we live forever. Show a little gratitude and stop being a child.

      • The Chive sucks!!!!

        Fuck this guy! I mean Steve Jobs. The first computer, or "modern computer" was invented in World War II by a German engineer, Konrad Zuse in 1941. So, it wasn't really Steve Jobs…

        • The Chive sucks!!!!

          And by the way.. It was more Steve Wozniak. Wozniak said it himself.. "Jobs wanted to make money, I just wanted to make computers"

          • Dave Wolfinger

            and that's why computer geeks aren't visionaries. how can you run a company and not worry about making money?

            • dirtysteve99

              Dave, being a visionary has nothing to do with money.

          • Jbass

            Jobs wanted to make money so nerds like Wozniak could continue to make computers. Jobs dresses like a hobo everytime, how is he greedy exactly?

        • bemilm

          You have no idea what you're talking about. Zuse was baller to be sure, but making a technology in a lab environment is a far cry from making a real product. Yes, Steve built upon those that came before him. He borrowed ideas, just as others borrowed his.

          For those that are interested, check out Malcom Gladwell's piece on this subject; he is a much better writer than I am.

      • Dr. FLBP

        The nobel piece prize winner in medicine made breakthroughs in his field and died of cancer days before he was announced as the winner. Jobs monopolized fad-technologies and created one of the biggest trusts in the world at the moment. Calm your emotions. Steve wasn't your friend or family member or classmate. He didn't create a $500 phone, while simultaneously buying patents that stunt other companies' technological advances, to make the world a better place. He did for his hipster fanboys and for the millions of people that prefer style over substance and determinationism over creative freedom. There are hundreds of events a week that deserve much more of our attention, but our love for celebrities breeds such outcries of pity and sadness. Quit living off your emotions and let the man post without being asked to fuck himself.

        • tahobart

          What's a Nobel Piece Prize?

          • OhOkayThen

            hrm not sure but it might have something to do with booty?

        • dirtysteve99

          Nobel Prize for Medicine. the Nobel Peace Prize is separate.

    • Guesty

      Well, we know how many people are coming to your funeral.

    • chuck

      your a fucking asshole, even if you dont use his products he was still human, show some damned respect.

      • Toontie

        sure. like you self-righteous dickwads would give a crap if he wasn't famous/made your lives easier.

      • A Dead Kennedy

        Sure. Because it's sooooo respectful to type another generic "R.I.P Steve Jobs" bulletin that's totally indistinguishable from the rest(Yeah, real time and effort put into that one). Why not type something a little more heartfelt and personal? Oh, that's right. You can't, because you didn't know him anymore than some person who passed away down the street who you never talked to. So don't act like you only "vaguely" giving a shit is leaps and bounds more than Rodkjoe not giving a shit at all. But then, that always happens when a famous person dies, doesn't it? Poseurs.

    • Rodkjoe

      Sorry everyone I was being a real doofus. I have since done some study and have decided that Steve was an amazing man. I feel like a real dick now for my earlier comment. Initially I was just trying to troll, but I have since realized you must all think I am a dick. Sorry everyone.

    • Dan

      He did more for charity than you can ever hope to do, but you probably don't give two shits about other people and their problems, but still Fuck you Asshole.

      • TheYeasterBunny

        ofcourse he did things for charity… he did it for his money and taxes bro… but whatever you can cuss me out all you want…the world is a better place without him.

      • 98u

        wow. you mean a multi-billionaire gave more money to charity than the average person? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? moron.

        • TheYeasterBunny

          blah blah blah… stop trolling bro.

    • Steve Jobs


      • reaper


    • Sgt E.

      While I don't doubt Mr. Jobs' genius when it came to product design and sheer innovation… I can't help but wonder why every time someone well known passes away, everyone is always quick to give their condolences… It is always needed when someone passes, and I am sure it is much appreciated by his family and friends, but what about the men, women, and children that die everyday in other places of the world? There are thousands upon thousands that die, and go unrecognized… they may not have made such a great contribution to the world, but their deaths are profound and deserving of our sorrow nonetheless. Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs. And to all others who only pay attention when someone "memorable" dies… isn't that kind of ignorant?

      Semper Chive…

      Sgt E.

    • manchakattack

      I thought that was a pretty damn good comment.

  • Dudor

    He was all like, I'm an Apple…

    And I was all like, "Well I'm a PC… Pancreatic Cancer, bitch!'

    Ok, I know too soon. He was a visionary, and the world will miss him. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

    • Anon

      Delete this shit.

      • Sploooooge

        Grow a sense of humor.

      • RightsForAll

        That's it – out come the high and mighty. Delete this whole fucking site because in certain circles, all the content here is offensive. Who are you to judge, you who gawks at tits and ass on the chive instead of working.

        • dirtysteve99

          ^ This guy, he has nailed it. OK the guy is dead, but it's not like we haven't all been deluged in jokes already. This is not the place to start mob-censorship.

    • 94h34


    • Steve's not here man

      I shouldn't have but I def Lol'd

    • YES! *fist pump*

      Lol…never too soon.

    • fududor

      too soon, delete this crap, and thanks, my dad passed from the same brutal cancer, and hopefully you will soon …. bitch

      • dirtysteve99

        That's compassionate, also, a lie.

  • Dan

    RIP. I'm not a fan of Apple's business practices, but Steve Jobs brought the computer to the average person.

    • qwertz

      Sorry, but you mistaken him with Sir Clive Sinclair.

      • dirtysteve99

        Sinclair Spectrum ZX was ok, Amstrad 464, there was a mean machine!

    • Chris

      Yes their business practice of making the customer happy, making quality products and standing behind them is horrible.

      • Dan

        I'm talking about them throwing workers out of high rises, using slave labor, and suing every other company for any reason whatsoever.

  • Carlos Baudelio Valdez Salazar

    Fuck cancer….

  • Joe Hlasnik

    Thank you for everything you've done, you will be missed.

  • León Felipe

    Thank you Steve. You will be remembered forever.

  • Alice

    Thank you Steve Jobs, you were pretty damn awesome. Glad you aren't suffering any longer. RIP

  • Dylan

    Such a sad way to end what was a wonderful day for Chivers. 😦

    We will miss you Mr. Jobs, thank you for everything you have done

    • squid face

      shutup horse face

      • dave

        yer ghey

      • Paula_

        Please don't prove how much of an coward and idiot you are, stay off the internet.

        – the one you love to hate

    • 0909=-

      Wooooaah, horsey.

    • new app


    • bigmikeskinsfan

      well said, dylan. and way not to engage with the punk ass trolls.

  • Mr Marsh

    They Took Our Jobs, Took Errr Jerbs, dey turk err jurbz!!!

    • Lowrent75

      That is awesome.

  • Dre

    Good bye Mr Jobs! Thank you for your hard work. Haters gonna hate but the iPhone changed the way we see phones/computers, period.


      yeah the iphone just proved who was stupid enough to buy one

      • Randall Gallegos

        i HATE the iphone, and apple products ,BUT with that being said.. i can acknowledge that if the iphone were never invented, we wouldnt have android that i love so much. he was still a visionary and a genius.

        • Patricio

          You realize that in the grand scheme of things, a smartphone does a billion things. Whether it is a bit faster, has better games, does not lag, etc…are all minor differences. I'm so tired of the "iPhone sucks"/"Android sucks" arguments. How about they are both incredible pieces of machinery, and it's amazing that you have choices!?!

          • Randall Gallegos

            i dislike a product, so what. i can still acknowledge as i said that Steve was a genius and totally changed the way we see and interact with almost all forms of technology in one way or another. by people getting angry over MY opinion only shows how small minded they are.

  • Slick_Nick

    An absolute legend, thanks steve…the iPhone 4s should be iPhone 4Steve

  • tony


    • matt

      that's a good thing, otherwise you might have butchered more words

      • The Chive sucks!!!!

        Yea, seriously, how can you be speechless? Old people die, thats how it happens.

      • TheYeasterBunny


      • dirtysteve99

        matt, I lol'd.

  • Rodrigo

    Sad. So much mony, but cant save him from death….

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