Signs I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around (30 Photos)

  • mooseknuckle907

    #24 they know who their main consumer base is…..Stoners!!

    • Its420somewhere

      Thanks for clearing that up.

    • commodoresixtyfour

      see im not paranoid! they know! they all know im high.

  • ontherun1989

    #23 Beer is always the win.

    • OmarQ

      #5 and makes you do this… someone didn't get the message

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #23 it sure is!

  • Picard_

    #12 Hehe, 1st year dorm room.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #4 is for paula so she can get her holes clean. Getting a whole hole clean for a Troll is a tough job only for professionals

    • Ha.Ha.

      back to being retarded this, I see….

      • Stan_Dalone

        it is funny though you insist on voting me down

        • FuckoffStan

          And how the fuck do you know that it was him that voted you down dumbass? Do you sit on the page waiting?

          And once again the fucking hypocrite comes to the surface

  • sshuggi

    #18 and #19. Juxtaposition win.

  • The Bandit

    #8 …would have been helpful for the Nazi-Guy in "Raiders of the lost Ark"
    #7 …is funny!

    • FogHorn_LegHorn

      I say gurl don't burn that Bacon go on get in the kitchen hurry

    • Jen

      Fucking complainers. As soon as the weather gets cold, these hipsters are all going back to mommy and daddy's basement. If you're protesting against the 1%, don't be disrespectful of cops who are in teh same boat as you jackasses. And I hate cops!

      • ThatGuy

        Doesn't change the fact that cops suck. They chose to take a job that wastes public funds on bullying people for what they choose to put in their bodies.

        • snotrocket51

          yeah they are terrible for trying to make the world safer, and keeping dumbass people off the street! you are going to have a bully it doesnt matter if they where a badge or not! and getting mad because they bully people for putting stuff in their bodies are you fucking serious?!? ive been hit by a drunk driver while me and my wife were sitting at a stop like and he was going 45! they need to bullied

  • SpiffyTrousers

    #24 Well I do now, thanks asshole.

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #4 I'm assuming baldy there, just shows up at your door with his hose?

  • Blake

    I can explain number 11- it's part of this movement to promote safe sex and such, the concept being that condoms should be as accessible and acceptable to people as cabbages at the market.

    • ontherun1989


  • dashete

    #8 Subtlety is overrated

  • Scooby Doo

    #16 99% got that financial sector, thanks for the heads up though!!!!!!!

    • hMMMM

      I'd imagine the Chive demographic sympathizes more with the 53%…

  • Rain

    #3 is just outside my office! Hahaha! Chive On from Rosebank, South Africa!

  • Bubba

    #30 FTW!

    • gfhdhghghgf

      Wait, mental retardation isn't a disability?

      • DeRaNgEd

        maybe read the sign better then understand the difference

  • Pookie

    #7 she's making fun of us but look at that ass

  • Eddd

    26. The words above are "Suprise Donkey"

    • DeRaNgEd


  • Eddd

    Surprise Donkey

  • Bobby Gosbee

    Am I the only one who doesn't think #7 and pretty much just disrespectful?

    • Spencer Rome

      I'm from NYC, Washington Square Park really does smell like bacon. Nothing disrespectful about it.

    • ImpressMe

      Shes a charter member of the spoilt brat society….she probably drove there in her BMW…is wearing $200 shoes….$500 shades…and will leave to have lunch with the girls at some martini bar…. Douchette' thinks shes being edgy and relevant……lol

      • Franklin1138

        Fuckin' A, Bubba. I totally agree. You notice a large number of people who hate cops are punks. Well if you weren't such a punk, I'm pretty sure the cops would leave you alone.

        • rogaine works

          Find her……………………………………..and punch her smug face.

  • FACE!

    But its at the right at, the urinals are far too low

  • LocalTicoBroje

    I've eaten at #11 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was great. Free condoms too. Double win.

    • Mark

      They're really into safe sex and family planning in Thailand. Even the banks and police officers hand out condoms. The condoms are Thai-sized though.

  • Tony

    Why would you when the floor is right there?

  • dano

    #13…holy shit, everyone better stock up at that price. A savings of 1 cent…WOW!!

  • cookzone

    The people in Iowa aren't stupid, these signs are for their politicians who have the huge RV's. I live here and can't argue that this is the product of someone forgetting to get their GED.

    • Actual RV'er

      Every RV dump station I've ever been to in America has that sign. It's because there is a spigot with what looks like clear clean water coming out of it for spraying down any mess that the dumper makes. It hasn't been filtered. Don't let your dog drink it.

  • Yelito

    I took #19, that was in Worcester MA…Chive On!

    • Ha.Ha.

      I wanna see one of these fucked up fast food signs dammit!

  • boatdrinks4u2

    Just bought a T-Shirt from #2 . Bold company name. I like it!

    • hMMMM

      tried checking out site…stopped in the middle of typing unlimitederec…still can't do it.

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