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  • Josh!


    • Capt. +

      Great Job, Josh!

    • MatadorPride


      • Jeffster

        No I do believe his name is Josh! not Richard

  • Zedhere

    #31 Can you spot the asshole?

    • DeDav

      Well, seeing as how the guy who set up the line making things (can't remember the name of them to save my life :P) isn't there, I'd guess, "No."

    • Coolhand37

      Nope. The person who didn't take down the ropes, when there was no line, is not in the picture.

    • Active Hunter

      Yeah, the one in a red shirt sitting behind the ticket counter….

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yes, his name is Zedhere.

    • Craigery

      The one dressed all in black. What kind of asshole wears all black?

      • ChelseaRules

        Maybe he's flying to a funeral. Or maybe it's Johnny Cash!

        • The Pict

          Can't be Johnny Cash. No one would dare make him wait in line.

          • A Nonny Mouse Guest

            They'd make him walk it?

            • ChelseaRules

              *Starts slow clapping

            • Country Boy

              You, sir, have just won…

            • Steveystevesteve

              You sir, are why I read the comments. Thank you.

    • Cody

      yes, the person behind the counter. in my experience, always the one behind the counter. then come the cavity searches

    • zoobali

      yeah, he's in the red shirt behind the counter. He just got done setting up the 12 miles of cattle gates for a line of 5 people

    • apiss

      The asshole is the one who shout "first" in every comment section..

  • EasternCanuck

    #8 very carefully… 🙂

    • Mr. H

      haha that was actually funny

    • Paula_

      Woman driver, obviously.

      – the one you love to hate

    • Hurricane

      Naw, drive straight at the driveway going 40 miles an hour, yank the wheel violently to the right, pull the E brake and slide it home a la Rockford style!

  • Mack318

    #4 EVERY TIME but then I just Chive…problem solved

  • acloudypanda

    #29 the story of my life

    • sparechange

      Buy more milk

    • BSmike

      .. made bacon instead.

  • Zedhere

    #3 High as fuck.

  • pinky


    • Mr. H


    • Jeffster

      You're not.

  • jrey81

    #20 noooooooo!!!! #6 laughed out loud!

    • Big_Curt

      thinking about winter just ruined my day

    • its_forge

      Yeah I remember the 3 1/2 days of winter we had *last* year in Ft. Lauderdale.

    • Chivalrous

      Nobody said it?
      Winter is Coming

  • Steve

    and i was FIRST to dislike

  • Zedhere

    #12 when Jesus couldn't heal her, Jack Daniels did.

    • Jeff Kistler

      Physical Therapists should look into JD as an incentive to motivate patients.

    • eff

      Actually it was Dr. MacGillicuddy

    • JROC

      man i need a wheelchair all the time and you know what grinds my gears. this cunt.

      • Peyton Duke

        Easy killer. Perhaps she has mild cerebral palsy, like my daughter, and just cannot walk unassisted for long distances… Hence the wheelchair. Know what grinds my gears? ^^^

        • JROC

          Sorry bud that wheelchair looks like it was taken from the er room if your sitting in a chair all day and you really do need it, it doesn't look like that.

          • Vic in NoCal

            Actually you can order that wheel chair at your local pharmacy store. Also like Peyton said the woman could have a type of disease where they can't walk without assistance for long periods of time. My mother has multiple sclerosis in her legs and where she can walk around the house with help of a rollator she needs to use a wheel chair to get around outside of the house most of the time

            • Eh.

              the Clone?

    • Ha.Ha.

      perhaps she has stupendous upper-body strength and her feet aren't actually touching the ground, she's holding herself up with just her left hand.

    • Mr. H

      or Johnny Walker……see what i just did right there?

  • polansky

    Always The Dark Knight!
    Chive do a gallery for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, who agrees?

    Some men, just wanna watch the world burn

  • pinky

    Need better DAR. Maybe more like #5 please.

    • Final

      The problem with over doing those kinds of photos (not that they suck in anyway) is that most Dar-ing is done at dead spaces in working days. i.e auto filters or bosses would clamp down on the chive in the work place. uuuunhhhggggg and that would suck. So a couple dars a week with less half naked girls and more awesome new photos isnt a bad thing.
      Also you have girl only posts running around if you are that desperate lol.

      • Jak

        I concur

  • MylesofStyles

    #4 8 new tabs opened for unknown reasons. I love my weed.

  • jasgat

    #17 THAT is funny

  • Ninja47


    MC JC, in the house and spinnin

  • Commando00

    #15 IS RIGHTEOUS!! That would be a fun room for so may reasons!

    • so sayeth man

      I predict many blim holes in its future.

    • Jen

      is that a bedroom or living room? bedroom would be okay, but living room seems kind of impractical.

      • Commando00

        I'd just call it a multi-purpose room.

        • Minion 26

          I see what you did there

  • jasonsapunka

    #8 …did she get her license?

    • ...

      haha notice you said "she"

  • Isaiah

    I wouldn't even put on a dress.

    • echogeo

      I wouldn't leave the bedroom!

      • Deep Thoughts

        What if the one day you got to be a woman, you started your period.

        • Jive

          Damn you to hell DT, daaammmnn uuuuu!

        • Jason

          Say "thank you" for having THE reason not to let some dude stick his dick in me. Otherwise I'd have to be like all the other bitches.

        • echogeo

          I'd visit you.

      • ChelseaRules

        I sometimes have dreams that I'm a man for a day. Then the entire dream is just me trying to find a good spot to masturbate.

        • Jason

          Find a girl who looks just like you, and use her face!

          • the other Jen

            if i was a dude for a day, i would walk around laying my shlong on peoples desks and peoples shoulders or flopping it around aimlessly. oh, and smacking people in the face with it.

            • ChelseaRules

              Then you'd spend the rest of the day being butt sexed by Stabby Joe in prison.

              • spuddy

                Doesn't matter had sex

        • drummer113

          Do you have dreams where you're a man who's pretending to be a woman who needs to pee really badly only to wake up in your own piss?

          Your pee was your own kick.


          • Minion 26

            well played sir

      • WakeSurfer

        Except to shower

    • Isaiah

      Sorry everyone, the network at my college wouldn't let me log in for some reason and then it froze the page. Hence, the double comment.

      Again, my apologies.

      • drummer113

        By the beard of Zeus, this Word Press site is weird. It is having some log in issues.
        Sorry again. I just had to make sure that you know there's a face to a name.


  • Isaiah

    #5 I wouldn't even put on a dress.

    • mitter78

      So you are saying that you wouldn't put on a dress?

    • RamRod

      You mentioned that.

    • drummer113

      Sorry. College's network wouldn't let me log in. Page froze and double posted.


  • Marcus

    I love Tapatio!!!!!!!!!! Ole!

  • Radtown Alum '10

    Step 1 – #5

    Step 2 – ….

    Step 3 – Profit!

    • Travis

      I read that in the gnome voice. Nice South Park reference

  • B dub

    #5 I'd b way worse!

  • echogeo

    Because Fuck You. That's why.

  • robsterling

    OK, I'm impressed.

  • bound2drift



    • SimonDPieman

      punderful isn't it?

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