Expressive pumpkin sculptures by Ray Villafane (10 photos)

Check out more of Ray’s pumpkin art at his website HERE

  • Ron

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  • tralfaz

    Run, hide, the administrator is coming!

    • tralfaz

      Told you.

  • Coldzilla

    People with talent piss me off……….


    • 80's Baby

      I feel you! Not an artistic bone in my body.. stick figures are a struggle

      • Coldzilla

        LOL same here – that why I do all my drawin with a 'puter.

        (ACAD 😉 )


  • miscellaneous

    I bet he sells a lot of his "pumpkin carving tool set's"

  • jpadawan

    Notice how they all have the same face (excluding the movie characters). Unfortunate that the pumpkin eventually DIES B( nonetheless Pumpkin carvers FTW

  • T-$

    I wait until after Halloween. The pumpkins go on sale. Just like the day after Valentine’s Day. Roses are cheap as shit. Times are tough right now.

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  • jhog

    It looks like that shits painted on…

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