Hot Right Now: Get back in the game with some girls in sports bras (31 Photos)

Expressive pumpkin sculptures by Ray Villafane (10 photos)

Check out more of Ray’s pumpkin art at his website HERE

  • Ron

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  • tralfaz

    Run, hide, the administrator is coming!

    • tralfaz

      Told you.

  • Coldzilla

    People with talent piss me off……….


    • 80's Baby

      I feel you! Not an artistic bone in my body.. stick figures are a struggle

      • Coldzilla

        LOL same here – that why I do all my drawin with a 'puter.

        (ACAD 😉 )


  • miscellaneous

    I bet he sells a lot of his "pumpkin carving tool set's"

  • jpadawan

    Notice how they all have the same face (excluding the movie characters). Unfortunate that the pumpkin eventually DIES B( nonetheless Pumpkin carvers FTW

  • T-$

    I wait until after Halloween. The pumpkins go on sale. Just like the day after Valentine’s Day. Roses are cheap as shit. Times are tough right now.

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  • jhog

    It looks like that shits painted on…

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