Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • johkur

    #38 looks like 2-headed giraffe ducks.
    #1 And if you drink enough, you'll honk too!

  • Stan_Dalone

    #47 OMG

  • JoLo



  • xJenni

    #49 literally watched that for five minutes straight. then went back and watched it again.

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow 33, very impressive.

  • Richard


    We share the same sheets. I will be putting them on my bed tomorrow because of you.

  • http://Nope Maybe

    #49 is a revelation.

  • Dr. Smooth

    33, you either need to learn correct English or, if your wife truly is 7 years old, you need to be in jail.

  • Dr. Smooth

    33, Sorry, didn’t see the three in 37 year old the first time. Too much Halloween candy.

  • moes_76010@yahoo.com

    #26 you too hon you too

  • Nathan


  • Eric

    #37. Holy shit!! More please!!

  • Eric

    Correction #33….more please!!!

  • The Godfather

    #51 find more…..right meow

  • BelowHeavens

    #25 It does? but what can you do on your computer with out the internet? play mindsweeper? Anyone running fucking windows 98 out there

  • chiverMike

    Wow #26……wow…

  • Steve

    #40 Fucking-A!!!

  • charlesjhey

    #50 bottom in the middle FWOOAAARR #

  • 1ch3nt31

    #33 let us see more!!!!!!!!!!

    • RAS


  • noseface

    #21 yeah man, the chive is so cool man, i have dreams about fucking the chive, cause i'm so different than everybody else, all the douches who bullied me in high school for jerking off on the bus…what assholes, man.

  • The Game

    I saw #7 on CGD and I knew it would be up here.
    Happy Halloween and Chive On!

  • Chachi

    Emma Watson And emma watson look alike post? Just sayin.

  • Airt

    Tits or GTFO!
    You can stay.

  • Mike

    #44 Doing it right.

  • ShaHiROHara

    #32 Is so stinkin' adorable! and #49 made me laugh hard

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