These are the really expensive Russian mail order brides (34 Photos)

Some people fritter their time away playing video games, I enjoy browsing mail order bride websites in my free time. These are considered the high-end girls. I don't know how that translates in price but let's just say you're going to have to float more than just a plane ticket.

  • Au-Some

    Definitely #1 and #24. DAMN

  • fusanta

    They squat to piss like every other girl. On occasion, they sometimes stink the shitter out and no amount of courtesy flushes help.

  • Anonymous

    #1 add to cart

  • Anonymous

    18 yez, Booooo 25

  • Bustanut

    Might be expensive to own one of these, but it’s free to masturbate at their pics.

    Plus, they’ll never bitch about anything… EVER. Masturbation is king.

  • Cave Johnson

    Who ever said money can't buy love?

  • David

    Chive, you should do a contest where you buy one bride for any chiver who wishes to enter the contest and commits himself to marrying one. you can do it once a year or something. whoever wants to enter the contest should pay some sort of fee and other stuff you want. just an idea

  • Grissa

    #24 FTW!

  • Kurtis

    time to spend my life savings #9 #10 #23 #24 #23

  • Archer

    A Polish girl friend of mine says that mail-order brides are a waste of money. You see the really hot Russkie women at the Moscow Domodedovo airport, always wearing skintight animal prints, thigh-high boots and nightclub makeup. They show up to get flown by rich dudes to nightclubs around Europe for the weekend. Much cheaper than mail-order, I would think. Pretty sure that's where you can find the class of this field, #7 and #24, and the Most-Russian-Looking-Girl-On-The-Planet, #34.

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  • scsparks

    Ill throw some money on a couple of them

  • Marcis

    #7 #9 #24 Think they offer C.O.D lol

  • Franklin1138

    I would add #6 to cart…she's sexy because she doesn't look like she's trying to be sexy. But then I also love #24, and she's just plain sexy.

  • Russian & u know it!

    American Mail Order Bride, does Fries come with that?

  • david

    Is It Double Coupon s Day , Buy One Get 2 Free ! Yea!

    • David

      Yea! 10. 31. 7 All Three Baby!! Wow!

  • SHAHkhan

    #1 and #24 i will pay anything

  • Thomas Greywolf

    What BullShit !! .. Just take trip to Latin America and get Your wife for free …

  • Jim

    ill have a #7

  • chris

    #24 I'll take 2 for christmas pls

  • Austin Bringard

    # 24 Chive…please tell us where you found this beautiful, beautiful, perfect specimen of a woman/goddess!!! Please make her a Chivette, find her, and give us MOAR!!! 🙂

    • Austin Bringard

      #24 I meant! Wanted to see her picture….don't know how space got inserted!

  • http://what james

    These Russian mail order bride purchases always result in happily ever after. Yes, indeed. They truly love the johns, I man, the men who buy, I mean, marry them. Getting U.S. citizenship is the last thing on their minds. What’s wrong guys, American pu**y no good??!

  • driver77

    I like #25. Another site where you can find hot mail-order brides besides is I have spent a lot of time window shopping there.

  • ronaldo

    I'd eat her shit!

  • Rich

    my Favorites from this set & if I ever hit the lottery would go for is #3,#9,#12#15,#17,#22,#25,#27,&#33 🙂

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