Mind blowing art by Zach Johnson (16 photos)

Check out more of Zach’s work at his website HERE. He does have a few limited prints for sale, including “Twist of Lime” pictured above.

  • chappy

    weird… but cool

    • Hunter X

      Huh. He does it with heads, and it's 'art'.
      I do this with crotches, and it's 'porn', and 30 days community service.

    • That Guy

      I like the one where their face explodes

      • Jedi

        I keep seeing TMNTs in there

  • Pwithc

    Looks like someone played a Lady Gaga song.

  • SamIAm84


    • buddyface

      I second the Meh … does this guy work for the chive or something?

  • troll

    it got old after the second picture.

    • necause

      The guy obviously has some trouble drawing faces…

  • Donal

    Maybe he could never get the head quite right…

    • bubblerider86

      i don't know why i never thought of that….all of my drawings are just headless/faceless entities

      • the truth

        everyone knows women can't draw.

  • Steverino

    Does he have some kind of weird shot gun blast fetish or something ?

  • troll 2

    "it got old after the second picture. "

    No kidding. Talk about an artist repeating himself…

  • Unfkngblvbl

    apparently Portland needs some better artists

    • The_Stif

      I dont even have a comment. I just really dont know, but you got a thumbs up from me either way.

      • McBeastie

        I don't have a comment. I just wanted to thumb you down.

        • Eh.

          I dont have a comment. I just wanted to thumb you up for thumbing him down.

        • The_Stif

          I still don't have one, I just needed to thumbs you down as well.

    • MylesofStyles

      I don't have a comment either, but I just wanted to counter all the "thumbs down" with a bunch of "thumbs up" to maintain the equilibrium of the universe.

      • The_Stif

        You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you good sir.

      • Did it before

        I, again, thumb you down in order to kill a kitten.

  • Kurtis

    I have a shirt of #14

    • Liar

      No you don't.

  • jasonsapunka

    #9 I recently went without coffee for 4 days, this is what the first cup felt like.

    • mmmhmmm

      ya, i like to put acid in my coffee too.

  • spoon chest

    One trick pony

  • http://mysite.du.edu/~cgarc149 CJ Garcia

    All I kept hearing in my head was "BOOM! Headshot!"

  • Tuttified

    Not my cup of tea. #9

  • All methed up

    Pretty cool imo

  • Justin R

    Mind blown…quite literally too.

  • carl

    i always have a hard time drawing heads too

  • thommy

    #4 i would put up in my bar

  • Do0zer

    Way to have some variety in your artwork……

  • OoieGooie

    As an artist I love it. The colour draws you away from the detail which can make the pictures look the same in a way. The detail is amazing. Wish I could do clothing like that.

  • McBeastie

    Which one is supposed to be Cobain?

    • thommy

      stupid thumb-counter won't let me do 50 plusses…

      you crack me consistently, up

    • the truth

      the one being constantly overrated.

  • http://www.dannyleif.com Dan

    Zach Johnsen*
    also check out the other artist featured in the website link! hes also way cool. Blaine Fontana.
    all of them produce sweet work.

  • Kaars

    #3… Mind. Blown.


  • Tuttified

    Mind Boring Art

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #16 how i feel when im working on my Capstone class

  • chicago

    This guys from Portland Or. I had a site visit in Beaverton, Oregon… Better yet, I went to Dolphins II. WOW.

    Just saying Zach: everyday the Meds must be taken.

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