Black is beautiful (35 Photos)

  • Mike

    #13 That looks deee-licious!!!

  • Chase Yaremchuk

    #1 #9
    that's Layla El from the WWE. She's Spanish/Moroccian… not sure that counts as black

    • Jay Dee

      That's They do look similar though!

    • JUiol

      Lol. Since neither the spanish nor the morroccans are black, I'ld say no.

    • lady lover

      Morocco is in africa close enough ^_^

  • Mike

    THIS and the PLUS size women post are the best this year!!!!! IF these to categories continue then Chive WILL BE THE BEST website in the world!

  • tbaker67

    #14 drop dead sexy!!!

  • Mike

    Seriously? This better be the last black anything post. They have their BET and King Magazine. The Chive is ours.

    • Mike

      Stop stealing my name and STFU

    • I hate Mike

      Your an ignorant fack… WHy don't you kill yourself and do the world a favor….

  • shaunvw

    Why does everyone have to bring the race card into play? No one plays the race card when the chive does an asian post. If anything an asian post deserves different criticism because the chive is notorious for throwing in ladyboys in the asian post but not in any other post. If anything this is stereotyping asians and saying they are the only ladyboys. Lets just leave race out of it…some people find some races attractive, some find others attractive, if you don't like it dont click on it.

    • Mike

      Why? Because the beautiful and free US of A is that kind of nation…racism, war, fighting, guns, etc…

  • Steffan Jones

    John you are the fucking coolest!!

  • nitrox

    #7 #9 #11 #21 #24 #25 #33
    Black ???.. Really ? It seem 50% black, 50% white to me.

  • CB109

    #28 hump day special please

  • AlexJ225

    i wish all the black chicks looked like that here. all i see are ghetto chicks where i live

  • johnny-k

    where is Astrid from fringe ey?

  • Arvid.

    For a site priding itself on beautiful women, it sure took you long enough. Thank you. Now let the REAL Hump Day begin.

  • basshead

    Yes! Need more!

  • jayson

    #2 #4 #9 WOWZERS

  • Bohemoth

    #1 #2 #6
    FINALLY! its like you read my mind chive T.T i love you guys

  • Ethan Shuster

    #7 always been one of my favorites. And that photo is nice, but the non-cropped one is nicer. 🙂 This is from a PB shoot that was much better than the typical celebrity cop-out ones.

  • J.O.

    Chive, chive, chive…(long sigh)…thank you…MOAR #9 and MOAR chocolate chivettes!!! NO disrespect to all the other beautiful women and chivettes trust we love you as well. Sometimes you just need a lil brown sugar.

  • Rip The Jacker

    #28 monster hips!

  • hondo

    Damn! So Awesome! #9 and #15

  • PopcornFarts

    Judging by the colour of these girls, Chive, I think you meant "Mulatto".

  • Andres

    #17, I think am in love. Find her, pretty please

  • Riley

    Someone please tell us who #28 is!!!!!

    Oh and how does Jada Pinkett Smith not make the list?

    • Cousinjay

      28 is Bria Myles…google her. U won’t be disappointed.

    • Willenium

      Because JPS looks like a scrawny dude.

  • luvTATW

    holy hell… #9 FTW

  • Anonymous

    Bout time we got some sisters on here

  • Anonymous

    #28 Let’s see her backside!!

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