Yoga pants for President (50 photos)

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  • Jemike

    #5 #15 Wow your both beautiful

  • Anonymous

    #16! Good God!!!

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  • Feverdream

    #48 is now a Stripper at Curves Cabaret in Tucson, Az…

    She's gorgeous….

  • beechlander

    #33 just made me realize I'm an "ab man"

  • Anonymous

    #9! #9! So happy I found Chive!

  • chanel cambon

    Es war sehr informativ und ich habe auch mit diesem Ansatz , wie Sie schreiben! Keep it up und I `ll be back, um bald mehr zu lesen mate.

  • Lovemesomeladies

    29 more please! Can you find them, Can you?

  • asslover88

    #9 is "uplifting". This is what Cain means by 999 🙂

  • yzerguy

    #11 your yoga pants say "look at my c'toe" but your body language says "step off"… sadly this is status quo

    #15 is jail bait. Put it in the 'spank bank' & walk away

    #1, thank YOU!

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  • Drooling



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    […] God bless yoga pants. (TheChive) […]

  • Hutbed

    #7 DON'T MOVE, I'll be right there!

  • TheChiver

    #7 FDAU is the best position ever. Chive: you should have a Chivette FDAU only post!

  • Grissa

    More of #9 and #37 plz!

  • 100CupsOfCoffee

    #5 #15


  • bsimmzy

    #15 Did you find her yet? This MUST happen!

  • TheMadhatterMatador

    Yoga pants for president??
    Sounds like a campaign we can all get behind..
    if you know what mean..

  • hlzbelliz

    I'm glad you are posting the hot chick in these pants because their is an alarming trend that is reminiscent of the day of spandex happening and that is of fat or fatter girls who are now wearing these yoga pants around town and it is not good.

    Thanks for only showing the hotties but be aware you starting something that could be backfiring.

    Ladies, if your ass is not tight and firm I am telling you now you don't look good. We can see all the fattiness!

    Chive On!

  • SlickMinnow

    Verrryy Niceaaa! def #20

  • Tim

    #19. U see your problem. There a tire where your engin goes.

  • Jean Deaux

    3,5,9,12,16,22,25,35,37……………all sniffworthy

  • ds25ny

    #24 is my favorite, but I likes'em all.

  • Jim

    #27 and #34 simply awesome!!!!!

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