theCHIVE visits the 9/11 Memorial (30 HQ photos)

John and I were fortunate enough to visit the newly opened 9/11 Memorial over the weekend. A big thanks to Chivette, Erin Willett, who got us advance passes to visit the memorial. Unfortunately Erin's uncle, Gerald Michael Olcott, was working on the 99th floor of WTC 1 10 years ago and was a victim of the attacks. It was a powerful and moving day and we're glad we can share our personal photos with the Chivers who are curious to see the much anticipated memorial.

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  • DaBoSS

    Great job,Chive.It's a beautiful memorial.

  • Mack

    As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan… this Chiver says Hooah!

    • bse35

      Mack thanks for your service

      • Jack

        Agree. Thank you for your service. I'd buy you dinner if I could.

        I appreciate your courage and sacrifice.

  • @Hurricane_Paul

    I was working at One Liberty Plaza at the time. Things still have a surreal feel every time I go back downtown.

  • Joey

    Well done, fellas.

  • VanIsleChiver

    I'm thousands of miles from NY and not American but I "felt it", I got my kids up to witness it.
    I had gotten up for work and we're three hrs behind NY so when I turned on the TV the first plane had already hit one of the towers and it was surreal watching the 2nd jet.

    An extremly sad day for the USA but Canada and the rest of the world felt it too.

    Bless 'em all!

  • James

    I'm an Aussie and I still think it was wonderful you paid respect to this on here. Good job!

  • occupy_fail

    #8 Why would you smile? If I ever go there, I'm not going to smile like a jackass. I'd take pictures of the place and pay my respects.

  • Anonymous

    I also was able to visit the 9/11 Memorial about a month ago. There are no words to describe the feelings that I felt while standing on that hallow ground. I did not know anyone who directly lost their life that day but having served 19 years and counting in the Air Force I have lost bothers and sisters in arms due to the gutless act that day. Luckily no one I personnaly knew but I still feel the pain when reports come in of another service member lost. Please never forget that day and keep those in uniform in your prayers.

  • Anonymous

    That’s gotta be such a sad place

  • Catherine Rodriguez

    thank you for the pictures. its hard looking at them. but its great what they've done. thank you. god bless.

  • Anonymous

    Ladies keep calm.. Just keep Chivin on. Wanna pay ur respects? Don’t argue pointlessly.

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