Chivettes Only! ‘Keep Calm’ and the new Chivette shirt have has arrived!

keep calm logo Chivettes Only! Keep Calm and the new Chivette shirt have has arrived!

Today we’re celebrating our amazing Chivettes. Along with Part II of ‘Sexy Chivers’ later this afternoon, we are also releasing our brand new Sexy Chivette Shirt and KCCO for our Chivettes only. Our ladies’ tees always go just as fast as our men’s shirts but we tend to order lesser amounts. We’ve amp’d up the order today for our Chivettes only.

Let’s face it, without our Chivettes, theCHIVE wouldn’t be half the community it is today. Thanks for your support and reminding us all that real is the new beautiful.

Sexy Chivette shirts here!

Keep Calm and Chive On here!

UPDATE: K.C.C.O. and Chivette tees nearly gone.

UPDATE #2: All sizes K.C.C.O. and Chivette Tees SOLD OUT.

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  • mrsdavis11

    I got my Chivette shirt! Now I just need to get the original chive shirt for my brother.

  • Bob

    Now it will be easier to find hot Chivettes……

  • Brittany

    Got my chivette shirt! Thanks for making my Friday amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Well put some more up there. You’ll sell two more instantly if you do. My girlfriend wants one bad


    Damn… It only took yall an HOUR… Step up your game, Chivettes.

  • Lauren Page

    After waiting months and months I finally got one!! Now just to get the man a bill Murray one!

  • jrey81

    uhhh who's the new fit model on the left? …moar?

  • WirelessCable

    I am a guy, and my KCCO and TheChive shirts arrived in the mail 2 days ago, I got a few Chive on's already… where are the TN Tech chivettes??

  • ryan1

    Damn! Help me out and print some more. Need to get one for an xmas gift for my chivette!

  • LEW


  • tangoNine

    NOOOOO….I hate meetings! This is the 10th time I have missed out oh this!!

    Please, for that that is Chive, print moar of each!

  • etcrr

    sweet looking ladies

  • Shyla

    are they not available in canada? iv been checking back every half hour and from this morning till now they never became available.

  • bse35

    I remember the one in green when they closed down the L.A. freeway, We would like to see MOAR dear.

  • anonymous

    Dear chive. I bet you'd sell a lot more stuff if you had more than 100 of each shirt to supply the WHOLE WORLD with. just saying, (I personally am in desperate need of a Bad Mother Fucker wallet. ) Sincerely, Everyone that misses getting shirts etc. by what seems like seconds.

  • waltgator

    shits weak, never gonna get a shirt.. 😦

  • JK`

    I told my boyfriend that I wanted a chive t-shirt for christmas, he has no idea how hard it is going to be to actually get me one!

  • Bryan

    We need tees we need tees

  • Anonymous

    I would like to plead to the hearts of chive. My cousin (straight male) has just shared with me that he has been a “chive” . I didn’t even know what that ment! But now I do.! For five years he has tried so hard to get a Original Green Chive Tee shirt. He would pay, but he has everytime been told that “they are not available” I am pleading to you as owners of this very fine company. Let Jordan purchase a original chive (XL) and one for his partner Tom ( L) It means so much to him and would be nothing for you. I beg this of you. Jordan is a pilar of his community! Sincerely, sad in seattle

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