Shay Maria is the Chivette Calendar Cover Girl (7 Photos + Calendar First-Look)

One year in the making, the fist ever Chivette Calendar is finished. All of your favorite Chivettes made the trek to Venice Beach just for one reason - to capture that one magical photo for the Chivers. Thanks to all our amazing Chivettes for making this possible. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Tomorrow beginning at 9 am PST you'll be able to pre-order the Chivette Calendar for one day only. Everybody who places an order tomorrow will be guaranteed to receive the calendar! However, if you don't order tomorrow, we can't guarantee you'll get one for the main launch (about a week from today). As y'all know, these things tend to go pretty fast.

Shay Maria stopped by the office on Saturday to see the calendar for herself and we had a nice impromptu photoshooot. Shay wanted me to thank all the Chivers for their support this year and all the 'Chive Ons'.

Stay tuned for a very special Sarah Jay shoot tomorrow to celebrate the launch.

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