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Secret passageway kit. Finally. (6 photos)

The secret passageway kit can be used to turn any electrical device on and off if you don't have a passageway to hide.

  • radishes

    Michael Jackson made great use of these!

  • Capt Obvious

    While I understand the potential for this type of switch, unlike so many that have posted, I prefer to keep the access to my secret lair off the juice. I mean, what good is a bunker, buried deep within the Earth, surrounded by dozens of feet of concrete, steel, and rebar, hidden behind a secret entrance, if the fucking power is out when you want to get in it? Not that I have anything like this, just saying.

    • Capt Evenobviouser

      'IF' i had a secret bunker it would have its own generator for electricity…

      • Capt Obvious

        Haven't you learned anything from post apocalyptic, dystopian literature? Gasoline is hard to come by. If you have a bunker, you're in it for the long haul. I'd rather save the fuel for air/water purification, lights and entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    Its a pull chain for a keyless. So it is an on off switch. Its basically just a waste of time.

  • EldJotnar

    People who dont understand why this is awesome have no inner child anymore.

  • Chad

    What happens if someone wants to read that specific book?! lol

  • etcrr

    this is cool for someone who likes to play James Bond and open his closet door or batman to open his closet aka batcave

  • Vester

    You could have the book be one of the “Twilight” books so no one would accidentally reveal your lair. It’s not like anyone wants to read those books anyway.

  • buster

    what kind of evil magic is this?

  • Sarah Brandely

    my best friend's step-aunt makes $86 an hour on the computer. She has been fired for 3 months but last month her income was $7968 just working on the computer for a few hours.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly the book i would have chosen

  • J-Dogg


  • Nicnac

    I need more pictures to understand the full awesomeness of this miracle…

  • Anonymous

    There really are not enough secret passageways in new houses anymore, or are there?

  • WVUGrad

    I use this to kill the lights in my grow room when the cops show up. The other day a cop was like, "you mind if we look around." I was like, "sure, just let me just move this book real quick. Okay, have at it boss." Worked pretty well.

    • mister

      Yes, because a light would stop police officers…..

  • fasterthanu

    I use a switch to turn on my lights.


    I’M FUCKIN FLABERGASTED, six pictures of ikea-like instructions and not a website for further info. Chive has done it again. Sometimes I don’t keep calm and chive the fuck on

  • bill

    where does the set up go??? in the binder? it does not look like it would conceal well….

  • wikisaurus

    And i thought that opened a secret door? ):

  • Anonymous

    It can open door to a secret bunker to hide against zombies have you seen I am legend?

  • SJay

    o.O How about reading the title of the book? #5

  • JmG

    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel FTW.

  • Chicago_Animal

    I love how people like this just cause it was posted on Chive. Be your own person and see how gay this is.

  • Anonymous

    When you pull the book, a hot naked girl should jump out on your dick.

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  • Morsipr.Com


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