• Aran

    Now that, my friend, is awareness…

    • Da Sandman

      now that, my friend, is nothing more than having a shit load of luck…

      • PewPew

        And a shit load of luck is AWESOME!

  • Hunter Simmons

    You saw that the referee discounted the shot, right?

    • Nate

      Yeah… did they review the play!? Does anyone know if he got the chance for a 4pt play?

  • Jay T

    That was one lucky shot!

  • That Guy...

    Apparently not very impossible..

  • Paul

    How was that 'no basket'?

    • curious george

      his planting foot moved

  • Lennart Christensen

    the reason why this was not a basket is that the continuation rules are different in Europe than in the NBA… he wasn't shooting when the foul was commited – only after – so the ref ruled it off coz of the different continuation rules…

    • pooper

      continuation in nba only applies to lebron as he travels 5 steps after the foul

  • edd

    Good to see the it was probably an accidental foul as the guy in the black shirt tried to help up the guy in the white shirt. But Mr White Shirt was too happy to wait to be helped up.


    it doesnt make sense…he's white

    • Cameron Hoehn

      "Rudy Fernandez" is white?

  • rucknmaul

    I tried to get excited but this once again confirms my lack of interest in basketball

  • Da Sandman

    not amazing.. just lucky

  • etcrr

    still an amazing shot

  • bse35

    and NO NET! good but also lucky

  • MEH

    MIND…. BLOWN!!!

  • pooper


  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    could be the ugliest 3 point shot i've probably seen lol

    • black27696

      Could be probably? Glad to see you have conviction in what you say.

  • Carb Jet

    Modded controller.

  • mathafacka

    what a shitty actor…

  • Austin Pickett

    The ad on the floor is the coolest thing about this video

  • Pants

    Whoopty fuckin doo.

  • 2pumpdump

    might be cool, if anyone gave a fook about basketball these days

  • MonkeyMadness

    You can only call it impossible if NOBODY can do it. Apparently this guy can.

  • Hayden

    Great reaction from the guy at the top of the arc.

  • Nick

    And he couldn't make a layup when he played for Portland.

  • Chaps

    regardless of awesomeness, it's still basketball

  • Lucas

    Video doesn't play and links to Belhaven University.. Wtf Chive?

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