• Smitty


    • fritz müller


  • Rodolfo Diaz De Leon

    As Stanley would say how about you be first we congrat you by shoving it up your butt

  • Anonymous

    Switched off at 1.08 !!! Headache

  • chicksdigit

    Ladies, remember, keep it "simple like a pimple" (3:34). Too damn funny.

  • Preston Bodden


  • pooper

    HA! much love stanley

  • VedHead77

    Just became my new favorite character on that show. And add Justin Timberlake to The Office!

  • Don Killuminati

    This Is EPIC!
    Stanley The Man (>.<)

  • did I stutter?

    what a fucking terrible song, were those fluro homos LMFAO? they munch cocks and their music is rubbish. Stanley could do better

  • Doug

    You are soo cute and I read your article. My faitovre part: “Or appetizers that aren’t the size of a small child.”:)

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