A modern house made from boulders (11 HQ Photos)

Pilar Acevedo and Enrique Saulle, a New York City couple looking for a change, built a home in a remote part of Uruguay. The three bedroom house was constructed using granite from the couple’s 100-acre property. The walls are 15 inches thick, the ceilings 11 feet high. The cost of construction was $140,000.

  • KeepCalm

    Seems like it would be hard to live in…

    • That guy...

      and having to water and mow my roof… nah i'm ok.

    • Oohhhh

      I see what you did there…

    • CaptainInsano

      Yeah, but if you get a lady back to that place it's on.. so I would say it's a winner!

  • Stone age.

    #2 "Look at that boulder, that is a nice boulder"

    • Old Man

      Lol still my favorite movie

    • Anonymous

      Oh and it is LOVELY. You know, you’re really quite a decorator.

    • C-DURP

      "and in the morning IM MAKING WAFFLES "

  • Steverino

    What's up with the cheap IKEA table? … come on man !

    • http://www.tube8.com Troll_Your_Cunt

      Yeah right .. that's probably some SUPER EXPENSIVE, one of a kind table, hand made from the almost extinct tribe of someplace. LOL

    • Just Sayin'

      Cheap IKEA table? If I can buy that solid mahogany table and chairs for cheap I'll take 2

  • Gixxer


  • Nathvader

    Lol hard to live in I get it cause they are rocks hurhurhur

  • That guy...

    Too many windows… looks like a good setting for a horror film..

  • Alex

    Dining Room looks a bit medieval?

  • dashete

    Building a house from the materials on your property isn't exactly revolutionary, more like common sense.

  • Scotsman

    looks fantastic, especially given the price. #4

    • hMMMM

      Yeah, well…all that $ saved on construction will be well-spent on plane tickets from NYC and I'm sure some kind of private taxi/guide to then get you out there once you've landed.

  • Soap

    Hilking boots indoors , no thanks i'll stick to my apartment! Must be freezing in winter!

    • shakester

      you realise the rest of the wordl build houses from stone don't you….thats why they don't blow away every time there is a storm 'merica! and thick walls equal warm as hell you douche!

      • ImpressMe

        No, you douche, thick walls do NOT equal warm as hell….stone radiates cold if its cold outside…thats why castles have all those tapestries hanging on the walls…to insulate from the cold, stone walls.

        • mik

          Actually – moron – stone absorbs the heat from the sun all day – then radiates it back at night when you need it most – very practical

      • mr_quint

        Thick walls don't equal warm. Especially walls made of stone and concrete. Snow, for instance, has a better insulation value than stone

      • Captain Awesome

        And that is why everytime there is an earthquake 'merica has to go rebuild the rest of the "wordl".

  • JizzMarkie

    #4 needs a tv

  • Warrick Dunn

    I have a rock in my shoe

  • JOHN

    As long as you could live with the uncertainty of potential South American Kidnappings, government instability, or the possibility that the remote wind-ladden location may cause you to snap and bury an axe in your wife's skull then burn her in your fireplace/kiln, it would be great.

    I do like the airiness of the living room.

    • JLR

      WTF are you talking about, bro? Have you lived in SA? Or are you just regurgitating shit you heard from a Latin American studies professor?

      • drew

        Yea, but if that's a professor, s/he's an idiot. Uruguay ranks 48th in the world on the HDI index, (top 1/3rd) and is bee both democratic and stable for a while now. Also, some people prefer the desolation to the hustle of NYC.

        Keep calm and read a book.

  • etcrr

    wait, A stone house with concrete stairs and foundation? you're doing it wrong

    • Sleep_Salone

      Wait, quit being a cunt Stan.

  • keepinitreal

    It looks really cold.

  • Masoni

    It is called Masonry. This shit has been around since ancient Natives around the world built there houses out of stone. If you put less IKEA shit in there it would cost even less!

  • Yessirr

    It's just a concrete block house with a facade of stone from the area. You can see the top of the block walls in #2. There are hundreds of thousands of homes like this. Yeah it's a cool pad, but I'm doubting it's Chiveworthiness.

    • SAM

      I think you're right, the structural walls are of concrete masonry blocks with a stone facade. You could also add insulation to the voids in the blocks that would keep the house warmer in the winter.

  • http://twitter.com/mizdictator @mizdictator

    Looks Cozy. I like the continuation of the facade to the interior of the house. It's a lovely touch. The floor to ceiling windows would be awesome too in such a picturesque location.

    • Booger

      I'd rather move into your nose.

  • it's


  • Woody

    Fred Flintstone must be drooling in his grave…..#10

  • Cheswick

    Seems like you would spend too much time mowing the roof.

  • Djblue

    fireproof, at least

  • wkdfrog

    #9 The concept is great, but needs some softening up – the bathroom is just morbidly dull

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  • Underbaker

    Looks like it would be a bitch to run out to pick up a gallon of milk. #1 #2 #3

    • Overcooker

      That's why you get some cows…they eat the grass on the roof, then you milk them, then you slaughter the fuck out of 'em, then you have sex with the corpse, then you go get some new cows.

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