• me.

    Toddler size shark cage…lost it! haha this is great.

  • Jim

    This is awesome. I almost blacked out from laughing so hard. Mormon disco ball, and toddler shark cage back to back was to much to take.

  • Tyler

    I lost my shit at the bit about a painting of clowns storming the beaches of Normandy.

    • Josh Gorter

      He was doing so good up tell then.

    • Lance Nyffeler

      if someone has that painting i want it!!

      • JizzMarkie

        check the sporting goods section

    • Ross Huddleston

      i was in tears for a whole 10 minutes laughing at the image of that oil painting.

  • Canadian Chiver

    hahah the very end…"do you also have japanese children?"

  • Josh

    hahaha pre-made toast. awesome

  • lame


  • James Gibbins

    I can't believe the woman thinks they actually sell everything.

  • meh

    i'm glad they just go to every day to get these videos haha

    • hmmmm

      yeah, almost every video for the past several weeks has been off of that site…. kind of lame

      • b-ry

        hey, at least the chive came up with the idea of hosting a site where chicks send in pics of themse– oh, wait……

        • goes the drop


  • Cord11

    Daddy butter!

  • etcrr

    ankle grease! dude you're messin with me now lmao

  • WaxMan

    These dudes are lame as hell, who thinks this is the tiniest bit funny?

  • Chris

    Dear Lord I haven't laughed that hard in years….Toddler size shark cage killed me…I couldn't even say it with out blowing my ass out….tooo funny

  • Buster Cherry

    LIke many SNL skits, this was mildly amusing for about the first 30 seconds.

  • Stick

    Where the fuck are they where there's a double-decker Target?

    • Evan Seiler

      There's one is San Jose, California.

  • guy

    I dont think i would of keep it together have to ask for some of those things!

  • Joe

    Not cool to mess with people who are working and trying their best to help customers. Just not cool.

    • anonyfuckinmous

      boy you soft as hell!

  • TheAutomaticMan

    Don't know why…. could have been the build up from the disco ball and shark cage one…. but i frickin died when he asked for turtle mix.

  • BarrowsBOY

    So glad this video went viral. Greg is hilarious hope he gets a ton of new subscribers.

  • king_Leonidas26

    Ahahahah, lmao

  • The Dude

    That shit was funny. A two story Target?!?!? Where??!?!

    • chi town

      There's at least 1 in chicago, probably more

  • Assaholics Anonymous

    there are 2 story targets all over los angeles, california. I do not see what is so funny about this- they basically just went up to some target employees and said "here, listen to this long list of dumb shit i just wrote." Lame

  • CDN

    Wow, I like a wide range of comedy including some pretty stupid stuff but this is just not funny.

    • chris

      yea it was kinda a miss, seemed more of an asshole move than anything

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  • roger pidacter

    fancy boy lip glitter? hahaha

  • do you have it?

    turtle mix?

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