Black is Beautiful (36 Photos)

  • Honest Abe

    Please tell me one of these girls is a porn star I’ve been searching for an attractive black porn star to be a “fan” of

    • Marcus

      Yo try Nyla Thai. You shouldn’t be disappointed ;). Oh and Lacey Duvalle is really good too

  • N. Notmyname

    #5 – #11 – and HEAVENS #36 brought down the house – nice job Chive!

  • Anonymous

    This is by far your!!!
    Damnit…too many to number, they’re all beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous

    Number 36…. Goodness!! Who is she?

  • Dave


  • Anonymous

    Finally!!! You added some color to the CHIVE!
    I LOVE IT!

  • gtr

    #10 #11 #20 #30 #34 #36
    Yes, please.

  • Imyourhuckleberry

    Black is wack. White is right

  • Sumkid

    Awwwwww yeah! Thanks, chive!

  • dadisright

    I’m not one to typical go for black woman, but i have to say all of these woman are very beautiful

  • zozobean

    Several of these broads look like they just got out of jail. Homely faces.

  • fred

    All the Ladies are LOVELY! Tired of seeing ethnic post's, this is 'Merica! We have the best from every culture, BRING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    36 u know what to do. FIND HER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #11, 20, 36 (dont like the ‘fro very much tho)

  • Rossitron

    #36 Stacey Dash.. my oh my how I’ve missed you…

  • tad

    #25 natural hair color !?? Hollah whisky tango foxtrot !

  • ATB

    I was an atheist before I saw #36. Hallelujah I have seen the light!

  • Jason Z

    #34 Stacey Dash is still so F'ing hot. I would like to procreate with her. Many, many times.

  • jimmy1264

    Number 36 beats them all

  • Greg

    #33.. I need some more of her in my life!

  • Joy

    Stacey Dash doesn't age! She's gorgeous.

  • chiveanatic


  • Anonymous

    Did the chive just redirect me to

  • IamwhoIam

    yo chive…
    FIND #27!

  • Maestro

    Man I love #36 and Jada, and Lawrence Fishburne's daughter, but of course Stacey Dash is my all-time favorite! I would love to see a "Black is Beautiful" post some day with regular, everyday, amateur girls in your typical more revealing "CHIVE ON"-type poses!!! That would be a top hit for sure!!

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