Black is Beautiful (36 Photos)

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  • asdf

    #2: you take my breath away!

  • Anonymous

    #25s sexy caught me off guard. I saw the hair first but she’s pulling it off.

  • Adam

    Mostly average-to-homely women here, just cause they’re black doesn’t mean beautiful. Way to pick a bunch of ugly crackhead biotches

  • Anonymous

    #2, #5, #22 are the hottest!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, you moron who’s saying people are “snivelling”, whatever that means.. I’m not saying the site is racict. I’m just saying that if you make a post called “all hot white chicks” some ppl would say that’s racist. Its not meant to be, but people would say and think it. Its like having BET.. black entertainment television. You think a channel called “white entertainment television: TV for whites” would ever fly??? I don’t. Stop just accusing ppl of snivelling, pull your thumb out of your ass and use your head for a minute before you pop off.. ya dunce

    • Jackson Butler

      Why would you have to make a post called all white women, most of the post are in fact all white women… it would be redundant. In a society that caters to the majority, it might be hard to understand how giving a minority group one post or even one channel out of the thousands available might seem racist, but do you ever stop to consider how having ones’ interest NOT accounted for 99.9% of the time might be the truly racist part. It’s sad that black people need an entire thread just to get a picture of a black woman at all, maybe if Chive incorporated one or 2 pics throughout the other threads, this one would not be necessary….

  • Itaintyabooty

    #5, #6, #11, #14, #31 we could’ve did without…
    The rest are beautiful…. 😀
    Montana Fisburne tho? Smh lol

  • redeagle

    #20… I found my future wife, love u !!! xoxoxo Oh ya….. where are u so I may find u ???

  • Ron 13

    Couple cuties lots of uglies

  • Always Last


  • Bryan

    14 is ugly

  • Anonymous

    Nice pic.

  • otunba

    Black is beautiful? 98% are white!*All d same,they all look beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Number 4 is so gorgeous. I really want to get to know u

  • Tony Stark

    #20 simply beautiful i wonder whats her mame

  • aaron

    Wow so sexy i love black women

  • tshepo dee

    i wanna fuck nicki minaj

  • joy

    Am sexy

  • adi sean

    These girls have all blown my mind 11,15,21, 22, 23, 24,27,31,35, especially 33, I want that number 33 pls pls pls pls I want to marry you and start having babies, 6 children Oh my God, I will cherish you

    • De'Ja

      Woah! This post is… amusing. I'm flattered, not sure how my picture was found… but hi, I'm number "33" lol. If you have an Instagram, you should follow me. (@DEjavvuu)

  • Tebogo

    I just wanna fuck them all.

  • bj36

    Damn #11 looks like a sex machine

  • joeD

    Man I would love to get all 9" of my dirty cock inside of #11 sweet pussy and unload nut after nut in her

  • junior ifejika

    i love to. sex with black i need more go to my facebook and counter me by junior ifejika

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