Found: Cosplayer Enji Night (24 Photos)

We've featured Enji Night more than a few times on the site in both her Superwoman and Firefox cosplay creations. Enji's from Budapest, Hungary and is considered to be one of the best cosplayers out there.

Enji's also very active on her Facebook Page and relies heavily on her followers to provide her with suggestions for her costumes. Enjoy...

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  • Ryan

    She is extemely cute!

  • @danieljillm

    #7 #18 #20 Damn Girl! Lookin GOOOOOD!!!!

  • Mr. Ipacs

    Hungarian Pride! Those pictures are beautiful, köszönöm!!!

  • Zaragoza

    Chun-Li FTW!!!!

  • monoxxide

    love em' all

  • Subliminal

    Jesus! She’s gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    #28 my dreams girl I want to see more of her. Hot

  • SLy_C


  • Mike

    sok szeretettel !!

  • Drewsel

    You gotta' be f***ing kidding me, guys.

    Average. Across the board.

    • Craigery

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Spoon

    just had a nerdgasm

  • KyleGamgee

    Great Cosplay, but also just a cute girl. #24

  • Klokolosh

    If I had to give 2 reasons why she is the ‘best’ they would be because she puts in a decent effort on the costumes and she is smoking hot. If I had to give one reason, it would be because she is smoking hot.

  • child.molester


    fap, fap fap,

  • dave

    #17 worked for me

  • Cavok

    Wowsers!!! That is all.

  • dewd

    I don't care what look she goes for, she's too effin hott! Marry me plz!

  • Ally

    Stop staring at this girl and go get your keep calm and chive on shirt!!

  • Randy C.


    the hotness

  • DrBoogie
    • DrBoogie

      ^ Utter Failure

  • Waylon

    Beautiful. Wow!

  • Kyle

    #23 is sweet

  • Bob

    So what constitutes "the best cosplayer"?? Just being hot in a costume?? Because if that's the case, she's good, but not the best. #8 for the wind.

  • redbird

    I just got the t-shirt

  • Mike

    Don’t care. Cosplay people are fucking losers

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