• larger than life

    hmmmm, BFM only available in Small now, me XXL. Think it will fit if I suck in my gut?

  • Greyson Moise

    Missed the the bill murray tee again😡 but spent some time on the FLBP postings and all is well😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/liilcharliie Charlotte Roose

    Set the alarm and got up at 5.40am New Zealand Time to get KCCO and logo tees for me and my boyfriend. Can't wait to see his face when they arrive! Thank you Chive for being amazing!

  • Andres


  • Sorceressss


  • dlindstedt2

    FUCK YEAH, <—— This guy is KCCO

  • Bw

    I have never been so angry with a web site and stil visit it everyday.

  • the_mike

    Couldn't get paypal to work worth a shit, but I kept calm and filled out all my card info on the chivery. KCCO is mine. Pays to be a fat ass and have to get a XXL sometimes.

  • the_mike

    Had trouble with paypal, but kept calm and got my KCCO shirt. Sometimes it pays off to need an XXL.

  • Marc

    Order placed successfully!!

    Murray Christmas everyone!😀

  • Samantha Kristal

    OMG I FINALLY got to order my Keep Calm t-shirt! It's a miracle!!! Sooo friggin happy right now!

  • Possum Jones

    Finally got a bfm to complete the trifecta!

  • Raw-shark

    Got my BFM and KCCO sitting in the parking lot of my job on my laptop on their wifi (can’t access Thechive inside) was 10 minutes late but it was worth it

  • tank

    Work productivity was definitely lost in the pursuit of KCCO today, but i got one.

  • bathoris

    Just ordered kcco. Best christmas present to my self

  • josh

    Hey I ordered 2 extra KCCO mediums. Let me know if you need one

  • Steeb

    W00T! Finally got my KCCO!! IT R GO GUD WIFF PIZZA!

  • Sean

    I agree! That was way nerve racking…I was able to score a shirt tho!

  • Medic28

    Final got my shirts. WAHOO!!!

  • Josh

    In the time it took my phone to load the checkout page bfm and kcco sold out in mens large, and then I find out my squadron in San Diego has blocked thechive on our Internet. Bad day all around.

  • Bill-Fcking-M-EBAY

    BILL F*CKING MURRAY ON EBAY … I see ads running out in the next day or so.. I am going to grab it there since they sell out so fast here and I am sure I will get it by xmas this way… Chive shipping is awful and sloooowwww…

    • hajhaa

      I placed a KCCO order yesterday, email today saying its shipped.

  • Timmy


  • Daniel

    Wow CHIVE, 4 hours and we still can find KKCO, BFM and Chive tees in the store, must be a record =D

    Well Done !!

  • Bzzliteyr

    Looking at what's left in the store I just wanted to say that the small KCCO will fit a medium sized guy.. I have one and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fits! (see profile pic)

  • Anonymous

    Why no XL in women’s t-shirts?! Some of us are gifted and need boob room (I’m a 36F)!!! Your large shirt is no match for these puppies!!

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