Good night, sweet prince (23 Photos)

And finally, my personal favorite…

  • tbaker67

    #15…you mean hell is so bright!!!

    • mihaisuzuki

      i actually feel sorry for the little bastard that's going to become..ahem…a man supossedly.

  • Shadowwight

    With how fat the next “dear leader” is in a country full of hungry people, I’d be afraid of being dinner, if I lived over there….

    • Jan Heřmánek

      furthermore, North Korean priorities are a bit twisted, to say the least. They open up a completely newely built state theatre wirh two separate high rise building with flats intended only for the actors. …And the people are still hungry 😦

  • sarah


    even in death, his best role

    • thepoopsmith

      the only good commie is a dead commie

    • Jon

      I was watching this last night, then I found out that he was dead

  • jason


    Is this for real?

    • Da Sandman

      yes, north korea is the optimum of brain washing practices.. everyone truly believes that this guy was a god in human form

    • Mike

      I'd be wary of it. North Korea never refers to itself as "North Korea." To them, they are the only Korea.

    • Craigery

      It's a joke (as Mike said, they would NEVER refer to themselves as NORTH Korea), but their official propaganda is so ridiculous, this isn't far off the mark.

    • Frank Feynolds

      The part about the bird and mountain are correct, but I'm quite sure that the doctors fleeing the country is a joke.

    • Buford_Justice

      I would like to read a copy

  • worker bee


    My entire office is gathered around my computer singing 'I'm so ronery'

  • OhSomeEvil


    I Guess 2011 isn't a great time to be a psychotic dictator with power over millions of delusional followers.

    • Cynical or not

      You mean American?

    • jontz

      I guess Obama is screwed then.

      • Craigery

        President of the US is hardly a dictator. US President has very little real power.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          This year :0

        • VanIsleChiver

          really? He had enough power to take the US to war by himself didn't he?

  • bisketz

    It looks like Kim Jong really was… *puts on sunglasses*…IL

    • Da Sandman


    • thepoopsmith

      kim jong il is now to be referred to as kim jong dead.

    • Silky Johnson


  • KeepCalm

    #11 crossed out the wrong word.

    • Craigery

      Or "Was" is supposed to be the Engrish spelling of "Worst".

    • Jared

      Hahahaha. CHIVE FAIL

    • Just Sayin'


      seems legit.

  • docfester


    • The_Dood
    • Craigery

      Yeah, someone guessed that a sickly old man might die, and two months later, he did! OMG must be psychic!

    • truth

      Come on Castro…the year is not over yet.

  • Logan_the_Chiver

    how plausible is it that this nut job cloned himself and that his son is really his clone? #5

    • Craigery

      Considering their level of technological sophistication, I'd say pretty implausible.

    • robbie_R

      Dr and Scott EVIL

  • Yes

    I gotta get me one of those brown body suits.

  • anne

    I loved the report they released that the citizens of N.Korea were 'in the streets, writhing in pain' over the death of the leader.

    • MCMLX

      Just off camera were hundreds of soldiers with guns to make sure the right level of hysteria was displayed.

  • chiverMike

    #3 is great if it's real – haha.

  • Jared

    #11 CHIVE FAIL

  • Da Sandman

    good riddance

  • CalAb13

    #20 Posthumous Honorary People Choice Award?

    Write him in!

  • Dan

    #23 More like they realize they're in for a new war.

  • Jack_LeMac

    You're 5,000 candles in the wind

  • bkfrijoles

    #15 i see what you did there

  • Alex

    #22 i have the weirdest boner right now….

  • Muffins for the win!

    He was surely one of the worse dictator in the world and did horrible stuff but I am not sure that having that kind of posts would bring anything good. In my opinion, it clearly gives a bad image of the US abroad and mostly to anti-US countries.

    • Craigery

      Yeah, let's remember all the GOOD things Kim Jong Il did, like inventing the internet and shooting an 18 in a round of golf.

    • Porksoda

      you are absolutely correct, I have heard that most worldwide anti U.S. terrorist cells and the North Korean military are HUGE chivers, this can only lead to no good.

    • truth

      Has soft-peddling to extremists ever made the world a better place?

    • Thoridin58

      These posts will make no difference. Anti-US countries will hate us with or without them. So let's just laugh our asses off at this little shit of a man.

    • James699

      I bet you get upset when they keep score at the kids' tee ball game because there all winners. And brownies dominate your muffins! now get back to the kitchen!

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      You fail!

    • Muffins for the win!

      I never said that we should celebrate how great it was (far from that). In my opinion, that kind of behaviour only generates more hatred and violence, without bringing anything good. Anyway, if laughing at a dead guy makes you feel better, good for you…

      • Dick_Hammer

        It actually does make me feel better, and the world feels only slightly better because his piece of shit kid will be running things now….stay the course!

    • elbruces

      That's right, everybody turn off the lights and hide and maybe the terrorists won't notice us!

  • Rufio07

    I miss LAN QQ #23

  • cookie

    I'm very disappointed of you, chive.. you dedicate topic to this.. and how about vaclav havel?

  • Craigery

    Was Vaclav Havel's birth heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow and a new star in the sky? Were Havel's operas considered the best in the world? Did Havel write 1500 book in three years? Did Havel kidnap a foreign movie director and force him to make a Godzilla-based propaganda film? Did Havel ever shoot 11 holes-in-one in a single round of golf? Didn't think so. Havel's got nothing on Our Deal Leader.

  • etcrr

    Ding Dong Kim Jong is gone. He's gone away, in the ground to stay. His people pray for freedom today. Ding Dong Jong in the ground to stay

    • ChRis

      that was dumb. did you come up with that all by yourself? I'll bet you're tired now, huh? Grab some fruit snacks and a juice box after you take a nap.

      • etcrr

        I did, I made it up all my my wittle self, simple but cute, maybe it is dumb but I felt like writing it so I did. Sometimes I write things for myself cause it amuses me.If you don't like it or care for it. That's cool

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