There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (120 Photos)

Many thanks to all our Christmas Chivettes for sharing their sexy Christmas spirit with all of us. A personal thanks to all of our amazing Chivettes who submitted this year. You've sent a message to the world that Real is the new Beautiful.

I've received personal notes from so many people ranging from girls with eating disorders we've helped to Hollywood producers thanking theCHIVE and the Chivettes for leading the charge for healthy real women and sex-positive feminism. Give yourselves a pat on your sexy backs, the world is taking note.

As always, submit your photos here.

Finally, stay tuned today. We have something special in store for y'all and I think you're gonna' like it.

Chive On,


  • Edmontontonian


    • grammar troll


    • Bzzliteyr

      Came here to say "Fuck the Edmontontonian (there's two "tons" in your name btw).. his spelling is going nowhere!!!" but the grammar troll beat me to it..

      On that note, go Habs go!!

      PS. I will be moving to Calgary in the spring.. hope to see some more Chivettes!!

  • tLoko420

    #120 Whoa Nellie!!!

  • Dean

    #9 brunettes are much sexier #116 Who could be brutal to such a beauty?

  • Fig

    #34 and #55 have the holiday spirit for me ! nuff said xD

  • Ash

    #16 Subtle lip bite?? hmmm. Let's just stick to the cleavage. You're hot though.

    • terrible lip bite

      she's ugly

      • sarahsny

        didnt your mom teach you if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all! its my first time sending in a pic. try to be nice 🙂

  • Tony

    For Christmas, I would like to meet a chivette. Please Santa, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

  • Tyrone Wallingham


    Who would be brutal? You're gorgeous.

  • EL D!

    #46 For the Love of God! MOAR

  • Albus Quindecim

    Thank you Chivettes for making my Friday worth being at work for

    #5 You are gorgeous

  • Christov1

    Chivette's ARE THE BEST!!!!

  • cwmuse

    that was almost too much to take in.

  • Shadrock7

    Wisconsin misses you Nellie!!

    • Nellie

      I miss you too! Wish I could " go home" for Christmas 😦

      • Shadrock7

        Ah, but "Home" is where those who love you are. Wishing you were somewhere else makes it so you dont concentrate on where you are! Enjoy your Christmas, then just make it a point to come back someday!

  • Manx-Haven

    #55 Think thats a DD xmas…..loverly/

  • MoeReen

    #35 you madame are gorgeous.

  • Dunny_

    Fantastic job ladies! Chivettes are the f'in greatest…..few of my faves #12 #18 #35 #44 #75

  • Thomas

    Thank god for REAL WOMEN I’d give all of em a 7 minimum rockin hot bodies ladies thanks and merry christmas

  • @danieljillm

    #31 GO BRONCOS!

    • MoeReen

      Although I must disagree with the Broncos seeing as I am a Vandal, (and yes i am nasty and inebriated, thank you very much,) way to represent, the game was ridiculous last night. Kellen Moore will be missed

  • @danieljillm

    #37 #39 #76 #81 #86 #90 #91 Nice gap!

  • sugar

    #9 brunette definitely!!!!


    good thing some of the bodies are hot because some of the faces are not

  • Hunter

    #8 and #115 are sooooo gorgeous! Keep em coming! #9, def brunette. And #55 should be in FLBP!!!

  • Ally

    It's official: I've fallen in love with #40

  • Clinton James Kelley

    Damn, I love women!

  • GiantRob

    Sexy chivers, Y U NO on chivedating?

  • rikooprate

    #5 #49 #116 MOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!

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