In honor of tonight’s National Championship, our LSU and BAMA Chivettes (25 Photos)

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  • futbolistagringo

    Pretty sure these minorities aren’t sending in their pics. Doubt chive has anything against hot girls of different races. Quit being an idiot. Have one of your hot friends send something in and see if it gets rejected

  • Mern

    Wheres the plaid women at?

  • TY13R

    I say it’s a tie both damn good

  • freddie mac

    Pretty sure #9 and #10 are the same girl.

  • @V_Sprague

    Think LSU Has this on lock. Bravo LSU Chivettes

  • Gene

    #5 Let's go LSU

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  • Anonymous

    Find #24 stat

  • Kevin

    Makes me question living in beautiful California… Long live the South!

    #9 #10

  • UWP_IE

    Support to the Calc 2 girl!!

  • Red John

    #24 hands down. I'd like that one to go, please!

  • matt

    LSU is clearly better but EVERYONE is a winner here

  • ChRis

    #19 not much of a housekeeper though, huh?

    • cre8iveartist

      fyi.. not my place lol my fiance' LOL

  • sucks2suck

    i am now an lsu fan

  • Trr56

    Can I watch #6 do Calc 2 and fulfill a nerdy dream?

    • Trr56

      #5 *

  • Lokobo

    #24 wins. More please

  • BtownswoshGang

    LSU won this one, just like they will the BCS tonight. i must say misses #5 and #9, we need some of you in the north

  • V

    Yup yup Bama for sure w much thanks to #19 Hellz yeh!!!!!!

  • da goober

    Speaking as a proud Louisiana Man….this round goes to LSU!!!!!!

  • AFE

    #9…….hottest girl in this post. That is all.

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    Boise fan, but these bama girls make me think of jumping ship

  • Larry

    Hands down LSU SMASHED Bama on this one!

  • GEOthe2

    #9 Lawdy have mercy, will you marry me?

  • {LesbianChivette}

    LSU wins.

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