The mindbending artwork of photographer Li Wei (27 Photos)

More of these amazing shots at Wei’s site HERE

Li Wei

  • MonkeyMadness

    #27 I'm outta here, my people need me!

    • mihaisuzuki

      I just don't get the red smoke..

  • etcrr

    #9 I just flew in from Taiwan and boy are my arms tired

    • getalife

      aren't your fingers tired from typing all of these dull comments?

  • etcrr

    #27 Ok WHO called for the Dalai Lama

    • die

      shouldn't you follow this up with a russian joke?

  • aciekay

    i swear. asians excel at all things strange.

  • Tim

    Photography level: Asian

    • concerned


  • http://.z the brandon

    How he do dat

  • dashete

    Interesting concepts. Poor photography

    • Joe

      define photography

      • Unfkngblvbl

        Photography: snap photo for a fraction of a second, open photo in Photoshop and spend 2 hours making it better.

        • @CAWT

          For better or worse much of photography is heading in this direction, but it is far better to get things right when you take the picture rather than fix it in post.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      be more specific.

    • HairyKnuckles

      Let me guess… You bought a $900 Nikon and now consider yourself a photographer?

    • Mike

      and you can do better!
      Challenge given

  • Unimpressed

    … meh

  • Bop


    But, seriously not enough Black people..

    • concerned

      thanks bop! i agree!

    • andy

      yeah! and like, where are all the Laotions?!?!?! everybody in those pictures is obviously Cambodian! Laotions have feelings, too!

  • joo

    The fuck ?

  • A2_tha_MFK

    Cause i've seen some Photoshop in my time and this looks Shopped.

    • hoobs

      Ya don’t say…

    • CzarCzarBinks


    • Joe

      It's not shopped. . .just clever execution

    • mis7

      this actually isnt shopped.

  • CzarCzarBinks


    • elbruces

      I've seen how they do this. You have to exhale completely, then fill your lungs with helium, and jump. You've only got a few seconds while you're holding your breath to get the shot.

      • mademetryitjk

        Troll Level: Master

  • shtsquid


  • Stefan0

    #27 Dalai Lama's superfart !!

  • mike

    wow…my mind is bent…NOT

  • drewplp

    #12 He's just a little airborne. He's still good, he's still good.

  • Mother

    It's stupid

  • TommyB

    #12#27 What would we do without photoshop? What do physical artists do now? lol

    • mis7

      you do know he doesn't photoshop right…

      • TommyB


      • ess

        it would be much easier if he did though…

  • chunk

    Lady chinky eyes

    • concerned

      fukc you chunk you fucking fuckity fuck fuck

      • chunk

        What I couldn't remember her name so that was how I described her. Sadly now I have to find a new job, I'm thinking Domino's!!

  • WHO

    i know im boring

  • WHO




  • raburcke


  • testudo

    The Chinese got hold of Aperture Science turrets – firing the WHOLE bullet – We are doomed….

    • Karl

      I saw this picture and said to my self "How the fuck is the whole round, casing and all, flying?"

      • elbruces

        Launched by slingshot.

  • whatthefuck

    What Gaandupana is this ?

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