Yoga pants, they’re like clothes only way better (23 Photos)

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  • waltgator

    #20 wheres the booty??

  • peanut3603

    I don't think thechive does a welfare section

  • Chandler

    best way to start my morning. thank you Chive

  • D.J.

    Surprisingly bad post for The Chive. I won't call out the worst offenders, but my yoga pants day excitement was quickly doused with a heap of gross butts.

    • http://what james

      You’re correct, DeeJay. So few women can really pull off wearing yoga pants. Just because you HAVE an ass, doesn’t mean you should wear skin tight sheer pants that are, be honest, TOTALLY unforgiving.

      • ken

        #15 dudes r u blind

  • Kyle429

    #27 FTW

  • Jason

    YOGA PANTS ARE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chiver

    #11 is it just me or is #11 look an awful lot like amia miley?

    • @fastfreddy7

      Pretty sure it is.

  • jaydub

    let me suggest you try the other internets for the content you seek…there is a website called google that may help you in your quest…just type in the search box (sorry i am aking this harder than it actually is) the item which you would like to see…i am no expert but i am sure if you type in "black booty" you may have up to a dozen pages or so dedicated to your "taste"…also if you are so inclined you can also develop and market your own website and be the pimp daddy of your own little "we like black chicks" kingdom…if you got this far go s*ck a bag of d*cks

    • Sqott

      I dont what all that euro girls stuff is but thats Kate from Kate's Playground.

  • Gee 2

    Yoga pants are awesome! 😀

  • NZAX1101


  • Morgan Lee

    Why even post #26? The chick's as flat as cardboard.

    • Morgan Lee

      Whoops, I meant #25.

  • rikooprate

    #17 #25 Better than a good BM

  • The Dude

    #27 I like where this is headed!


    #16 I see what you're doing there..

  • The Dude

    You're a chode

  • reloop2st

    are you mad?….you seem mad.

  • Char

    #24 Brilliant!! Tell me how that road rash works out for you…. course, won't have to worry about it if you nick the femoral artery.

    • Yea Yea

      That's exaclty what I was thinking.

  • Angel Hawk

    A shit flap? #28 has shit flap. What yoga pants come with a shit flap that says total fox??!!!!!

    • jpc

      Think the flap may have been designed for incoming rather than outgoing.

  • ATL Chiver

    #2 – Yoga pants + granny panties = No No

  • katmn

    have a whole section "black is beautiful" so shut the fuck up

  • Leonel_LyL

    #18 If women wear these in public, then they're whores. Not that i'm complaining though. 🙂

  • MarvinGay

    #17 & #25 SJU. Luv luv luuv

  • thatTXguy

    Can we amend SOPA so it only applies to Stuf?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah stop censorship, but don’t write anything mean or the chive assholes will erase it!

  • Guest


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