These women are really tall, and that’s cool (28 Photos)

Via Van Looy’s photostream on Flickr

  • Chuz

    Please find the short girl in #25

    • steve

      Yes! Her legs are amazing!

  • djmikeymike

    I’d climb that tree

  • fishslayer78

    #27 looks hot!

    • Swerdna

      Shit yea.

  • Figgle McGiggle

    I’d go up on them…

  • nate

    It’s tough to find 34 good looking trannys, great job chive!

  • bexter

    I'm scared… seriously… lol

  • billiam

    That’s a huge bitch!

  • tylet

    7 10 11 GUYS

  • tylet

    7 10 11 are GUYS

  • big boi

    we got some quality breeders here for sure

  • naelst

    They could've been on Avatar. Just paint them blue…

  • red4

    #20 is my local college. creepy O_O

  • angelcurry1077

    Is it just me, or does #11 look a little shopped?

  • cr1min4l

    #8 I'll take the one on the left

  • CNG
  • A2_tha_MFK

    #18 When you see it you will shit bricks

  • Jay

    Only problem with tall chicks is they usually have an awkward gait (ie moose-y) and no curves. #20 is the only one I'd give the time of day to…

  • TallAnon

    I happen to be 6 ft. 10 in. and I would love to find a nice tall woman, over 6 ft. I might have to start going to WNBA games or something.

  • freddy boy

    # 12, beautiful. Kudos to all of them for having the courage to live in our prejudiced world. Most are really quite pretty.

    • amazonjade

      courage.. not like we have a choice 🙂 But kudos to the MEN who have the courage to ask us out!

  • Digs

    #27…Find her!

    • Digs

      the tall one that is.

  • karen

    The short one is #33 is pretty cute.

  • amazonjade

    Ladies say it with me: DON'T WANT NO SHORT SHORT MAN!

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s a HUGE Bitch!!!!!

  • Kipco

    I liked this page, but found it depressing at the same time. I'm a tall guy who has tried and tried to find a tall woman but they all have sawed off, pipsqueak husbands or boyfriends, which is truly sad. Come on girls, quit dating the shrimps. (I'm married now, but still….)

  • Anthony

    #14 looks like the Avatar people

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