Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • matt

    #30 i would luv to study with you.. where does she/you live???

  • MrManiacal

    #28 can get it. I don't even need to see what's under the costume.
    Don't even care that her PC that can take a floppy disk.

  • Edouard

    I am a loyal chiver, and I have just published my first book. Please help support me and other independent artist. I give away my work for free.


  • stumeister

    #32 Please someone confirm if this image of epicness is real ??????

  • WichitaChiver

    I go to Wichita State, but I would gladly drive up to Manhattan to study with you.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #28 My spidey senses are tingling.

  • avgejoe

    48’s underwear such a turn on!

  • flio

    #45 Who the fuck is "we" do you play for the Saints?

    • http://yahoo feets1981

      Yes we lost. The Saints are our team so when they lose we lose. Don’t hate!

  • jode72

    #25 Yay, Hump DAR!

  • not JeRmS

    canonroad next time you want to comment…….. dont

  • joo

    #32 i want a tiger hug!!!!

  • Hawaiian

    Stair Way to HEAVEN!!! Number 50 for the 50th state bitches!!!

  • Russian47

    35 like a boss!
    38 that kids going places

  • gdm426

    #48 come on over, i'm all for higher learning

  • big red

    #26 I want in this party #28 and I want in on this party too

  • Chris From Cali

    Notice how Blue and clear the water is in SF Bay? that shit is black and muggy now, so sad. It actually is pissing me off quite a bit right now, i kind of want to do something about it..but im a lazy fucking american that knows it would take millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of media coverage just to make a ripple in this huge mucky polluted pond of pollywogs.

  • CaliBoyUSMC

    #45 hahahaha they lost! We?? Your not on the team. Go 49ers!

  • j

    #33 please eat something

  • luckyB

    #19…mother of god…
    #21 that is one…lucky bastard…
    #28…i have the wierdest boner right now…
    #30 i need a study buddy!!!!

    • luckyB

      DAMMIT scratch 21 i meant #22

  • luckyB

    #48…where can i get those?its perfect for this girl i know hahahaa

  • ncrye1

    #34….eat a effin sammich. Looks like she just escaped from auchwitz

  • http://twitter.com/tonydeli7 @tonydeli7

    #25 #48 Niiice!

  • ChaseTheWalker

    #13 Still would

  • http://theChive panchomagnifico

    Give #33 a sammich.

    • Jamie

      You know…this type of comment pisses me off. My wife is thin with very prominent hip bones – despite three kids and being nearly 39 years old, she has a great body without any effort really. She eats frequently and healthily (except for the biscuits and gravy, pancakes and constant flow of Coca-Cola, but I digress) and she is built with narrow hips but prominent hip bones. Some people are just built that way, but she has to put up with constant questions about her health or dirty looks/comments about her weight and how she should "eat something" from the office fatty brigade.

      tl;dr – stfu and gbtw panchomagnifico

  • Rafael_RS

    very nice
    can we have some MOAR , please?

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