• Old Timer

    But why use flowers in the demo of the external display? I didn't realise Gen Z are a bunch of pussies.

    • mihaisuzuki

      Does that make a difference? and flowers=pussies? Pls crawl back from where've you got out.

  • lookslikeamovie


  • Derek A.

    cool but that thing is a computer on wheels until about 2045

  • Bad Idea

    death trap

  • Paul

    Why do they make these cars and not sell them? is it to show what they can do but wont or what?

  • Abel

    *driving* Suddenly blue screen!

  • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

    Did anyone else notice the Partridge family bus inspired outfit on the girl? :S

  • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

    That's all I need, now instead of teens being distracted by texting on their phone.. their WHOLE CAR is surfing the web while they speed towards me at 70 mph, while they are playing a raging game of Call of Duty on their windshield and floorboard, or dancing around to the sound activated lighting shown in the video.. I dont think I want the carload of teenagers to think they are in a nightclub and the driver forget he is about to run over me 😀 This car is a bad idea, full of distractions that have nothing to do with enhancing the driving experience, but only the experience of sitting in there, it seems they considered everything that someone should NOT be distracted by WHILE DRIVING a car… when they designed this one.. bad idea, many accidents foreseen if this one goes into production.

    • Seamus

      You’re an idiot, do you really think that many engineers are going to design a car that has obvious floors that morons like you could point out? I doubt it. Get an education.

  • procommunism

    perryinjax, think about it the video itself tells you the car can drive on its own, so anything you are doing in the car while its driving on its OWN isn't reality, it doesnt matter, it does not affect the way your car's ai can percieve and drive on the road.

    • Johnny

      It can only drive by itself in certain lanes that don't even exist yet. So if you aren't in those lanes, and I doubt there will be many lanes like that when the car comes out, you still have to actually drive the car.

  • CP7

    I bet that has a bose system…

  • Donavan192

    So who fixes these cars when they break or get in an accident

  • Nuoee

    Suddenly dead pixel in the middle of the screen

  • Fabiana

    There may not be anyone down there. It might be an tuoamated camera or a video camera that was submerged underwater. 20 feet below at artic temperatures are a lot to ask for a person to sit there and take photos. Swimmers are there for a few moments, so it’s easier for them to withstand the cold.

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