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  • Aznsupastar

    #7 Fuck the police!

    Wait …

    • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

      thank you for not saying "first" sir

      • Aznsupastar

        Honestly, I didn't think I would be first lol

        • Fun_with_Numbrs

          The point exactly.

    • MrJoshua

      typical leesburg cops

    • TheAutomaticMan

      If this is Leesburg, VA, then it's fitting, i work there all the time, and they are douches.

  • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous


    Who the hell makes it rain with ONE DOLLAR BILLS?

    • Aznsupastar

      Depends, if I had that many one-dollar bills, would I be at a strip club? If so, ME!

    • bobntombloweachother

      I think everyone accept Floyd Money Mayweather… he throws out Hundos…

    • Pud_Divine


      • Aznsupastar

        Shhh… or else that "Chive is Racist" spammer will hear you and pounce.

        • stuf


          • Aznsupastar

            Touche …

          • Fun_with_Numbrs

            Stuf. Hump Day Post # 13
            Read it, breathe, and go away.

            • uhhh

              GO PATS!!

              • non

                how com no one ever says go Gian's?

                • ZachBob

                  because the giants suck monkey dicks.

      • That.Guy

        you mean N1663RS?

    • Master Splinter

      I think that is lil Wayne

    • stuf


      • Clint Eastwood

        Yah! (not sure if bright out or feeling vengeful *look on face)

    • Atown

      A baller on a budget

    • phdonme

      Someone who enjoys girls with daddy issues, scramble around the floor like a crack head looking for a rock.

    • Truth

      The same guys who think sagging baggy pants on the ground and baseball caps with the stickers stil on them are cool.

    • Bobby

      Looks at the two guys staring at the bills on the ground thinking, "damn I wish I could pick those up without looking like a chump."

    • UGTP

      I make it hail and I nickle and dime those hoes

    • Brian

      "I'm a baller on a budget"

    • FLA

      I was going to like this but I didn't want to ruin the 69 that people see when they see your post

  • Kidz

    #17… How??? I can't even do it regularly!

    • Underbaker

      Because he is a bad ass that's how. (or was that bad aim? come on armpit? seriously?)

    • kasshead

      say regularly 10 times fast

  • Brett

    #7 They do what they want all the time

    • cormacmc

      Like letting girls out of tickets because they think they'll get a date…LOOKING at YOU Officer Ryan!

    • Jack Sparrow

      They have the rights to do things wrong eg. they are in the midst of catching a burglar. Do you expect the ciops to park nicely in the box, then catch the burglar….Like I said earlier They have the rights to do things wrong

  • MikeBedlam

    #10 I'm told this make large splosion.

    • Aznsupastar

      Same thing as successfully dividing by zero

    • DaddyD

      The lack of an explosion would imply that someone put Pepsi in the Coke can before taking the photo.

  • Humphrey

    #11 You, my dear, may do whatever it is you want, whenever it is you choose to do it.

    • Justin

      The cancer stick ruined it.

      • Final

        I can't and won't ever hit on or date a girl stupid enough to smoke. EW. The rest was good.

    • Sluttypanda

      Yea, the cigarette was a bit of a turnoff

      • Humphrey

        I'd like to imagine that she was holding it for the sole purpose of breaking the no smoking rule.

    • asmo

      I'm more turned off by the spelling of burnt.

      • HawaiiBoy

        Rules don't apply to her.

  • rikooprate

    #4 Led Zepplin's better. *ahem*

    • ZachBob

      Zep's in a whole other category compared to this guy. there's lil wayne, crap, better crap, average, good, better, zepplin, music gods. [gods being the deities, not the super awesome musicians]

  • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

    #4 Hows about you use that 47 dollars and buy yourself a shirt

    • Greg

      yea, nice one rainman

  • Josh Gorter

    #1 Made me think of Mitch Hedberg

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Thanks for that

      • r151


        • PJO

          Thanks. Going to listen to that on the commute.

  • 80's Baby

    #19 happened to me when I was riding shotgun…. Woke up dazed….. "Oh SHHH.. Dude pull over!"

    • elliott

      nah dude its just on a trailer

    • cadsair

      This is in Sacramento! there ARE chivers here! =D

      • chrisinyc

        KCCO from Sacto to YC!

        • Bunny on nite shift

          I despaired of ever finding Chivers in Sacto! KCCO!

      • jon e


  • Jhoratio

    #4 "Do it with ones – it's cheaper that way"

  • BigManJones

    I like the more natural pictures better. The staged ones aren't funny.

  • whyme1973

    #11 Definitely want….fuck it…NEED.

    • http://www.thechive.com Penrath

      Find Her…please! 🙂

  • black and dumb

    this is racist!!! obama will git you fo dis!!! I am starting a cry-baby website against such racist stuff….

    • etcrr

      you are stupid go wash that bullshit off your face cause its bullshit stupid why don't you just stay relaxed and onion forward

    • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

      Which one is racist? The ones with black guy making it rain with ones? What is racist about that. he did it, not the poster 😀

    • Mike


  • Mad Hittman

    #14 I LOL'd

  • jrey81

    #11… can i do what i want with you?

    • TLSBB1

      ftw do what you want girl you are bad

    • The Guy

      She cant hear you, btw.

  • Otto

    #4 are those ones?

    • rphilman1

      You need to ask?

  • dcquark11

    #16 better watch out. A dude just got tazed in CA for that by some power-mad park ranger.

    • Huzzah

      That's not why he got tazed. He got stopped for the dogs. He got tazed because he was he tried to leave after he knowingly gave the ranger a false identity. Leash your dogs, and pick up after them.

      • dcquark11

        Sure, seems like a reasonable response to something as serious as not having a leash. He should be happy they didn't shoot him.

  • YayMe

    1st page!

  • Dan

    #15 brings back great memories of my first night at boot camp.

    • YayMe

      Minus the cell phone and the option to not get on the yellow foot prints.

    • Tyler Durden

      What the hell were you doing looking down and not straight forward?!

    • Dick Salad

      Maybe its from visitor day or something. Even a nasty recruit wouldn't think of doing that.

    • captain obvious

      not MCRD. footprints arent at 45 degree angle.

  • tralfaz

    #13 crosses the line

    • rikooprate

      I see what you did there.

    • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

      *Rimshot- Craasshhhhh* Good one 🙂

  • James

    #7 I know exactly where that is… Cop wanted a quarter pounder w/cheese.

    • rphilman1

      Nah dude… it's called the Royale with cheese.

    • MattKL

      No, he wanted a Litera Cola.

  • MoMo

    #5 That wooden crate holds a $1M+ sight for the OH-58D helicopter. I never figured out why they didn't make it weatherproof.

    • Bon_nie

      Because that would make sense obviously!

  • Craigery

    #11 Nice, but minus one point for smoking a cigarette.

    • Final

      Minus 8

    • flio


  • worm.molester

    I hate MACs .. good for him…

    • Si1entStatic

      I dislike Macbooks as well but an Acer? School loan money should at least get you a decent Laptop in the same price range as a Mac.

    • Just Curious

      i'm guessing this is either photoshop 101 or a guest lecturer from Starbucks is making a visit

    • Tess Steckle

      This is in Bush Auditorium at the University of Missouri. I wonder which professor sent this in….

    • http://twitter.com/perryinjax @perryinjax

      I just love the fact that someone decided not to be a lemming.

    • pufffdragon

      A wolf amongst the sheep.

    • moXon460

      Probably the smartest student in that class…

    • AlxH

      i dont hate macs, i hate mac users

    • ImaGuest

      I think the last statistics I saw said Macs make up about 10-15% of all PCs used… iPhone is on it's way to beating Kinect as fastest selling gadget… As an owner of both, am I worse for owning the Macbook or the iPhone, or equally terrible for having both.

    • tsam waters

      fucking mac fags

    • Shanks

      HP > ALL!!!! but seriously that's a lot of Apple products in one room….

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