Girls that look like Skrillex (28 Photos)

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  • Fall

    5 is cute!

  • Shockeck

    I get off a night shift, and this is what I see. Someone burn the nest….

  • VFR_Dude

    I don't know who Skrillex is, but chances are she's fugly.

    • pjsupremex

      if you post that you do not know who skrillex is, you should google that shit before posting.

      • VFR_Dude

        Pointless. I was commenting on what can be seen in the post. No need to "google that shit".

      • misanthropetb

        Why the hell would anyone google that? If this post is any indication, this skrillex is a fucking tard.

    • vandinz

      He's the one on the right in #3

    • Iampunky119

      she is a he. and yes, he is fugly.

    • knotmee

      fyi, its not "cool" to be out of touch with what's going on, "VFR_Dude". You just sound dumb. This haircut is called an undercut. Skrillex is a DJ.

      • Kigero

        It’s not about being “cool”, it just mean skrillex isn’t a part of their taste in music. Personally the only things I know about this person is from comedy sites. I don’t listen to dub step so why the hell would I want to know anything about him

      • VFR_Dude

        Oh man, my feelings are hurt now. I wish I kept on top of all the cool things, like the annoying digital farting noises you call music. But you're right, I'm dumb, and your extensive knowledge of all things dubstep makes you a fucking Nobel prize of physics material.

      • johnny

        If this shit is "cool" I'd rather be fucking "dead". fyi, you've all been trolled. morons.

      • guest

        skrillex is a producer not a dj

    • Gerri

      skrillex is a dude

      • JAFitC

        You forgot to put a question mark at the end of your sentence.

  • Benjamin


    • itstanrum

      Not quite.

  • pjsupremex

    doesn't matter, had dubstep

    • Brand_n

      Try having good taste in music instead, rather than enjoying the sounds of a dial-up modem connecting.

      • rphilman1

        Heaven forbid people have their own taste in music…

        • antonio

          point, rphilman..

  • Dano

    WTF….I mean really…WTF??

  • Illicit-Weaponry

    This look can make a decent girl look like Shreks asshole.

    • Craigery

      Sounds like you're pretty familiar with Shrek's asshole.

      • Holmespump

        You obviously haven't seen the unrated Director's Cut of Shrek.

    • VFR_Dude

      …or a hipster lesbian.

  • Doug

    Wtf is wrong kids today

    • Don't be hatin

      Don't think there's anything wrong with them. If you look at the 60's/70's, kids start to grow their hair, in the 80's kids get weird 'afro' hair and dress up like a discoball. In the 90's kid's start to look like lumberjacks, but in de 00's, kids start to wair skinny jeans and huge glasses. Don't be a douche and let kids decide how they want to look, they'll turn out fine in the end.

  • inspector32

    that is a cluster fuck of some of the ugliest females on planet earth. WTF?

  • nonono

    I just looked up Skrillex on Wikipedia cuz I had no idea who he was. And I concluded:

    Dear Skrillex: The world already has Justin Bieber. We don't need a Bieber for the alternative scene. Please go away; teh internetz is filled up with idiots already. You don't even look worth my hate. Just be gone. Thank you. PS: keep calm, but please don't ever Chive On.

    • pjsupremex

      that's what you concluded? you put bieber in the same bracket as skrillex? wtf is wrong with you?

      • The_Dood

        Not his logic…

      • true story

        ignorance is bliss to some people, bro. i can tell from a lot of the comments on here that these people are simply uneducated. If they want to talk about the style of the hair in the pics, then cool, no arguments from me. but when they start using Bieber and Skirllex in the same sentence then it's obvious they have no idea what they are talking about.

        • 45545

          i hate both of them, but i have to agree. then again what do you expect from the an audience that thinks bashing justin bieber/twilight is still relevant?

        • Harry Wyckoff

          I can see how they can both be mentioned in the same sentence. They have both achieved fame in their respective corners of the music industry while actually having little, if any, real musical talent.

          • Ryan

            Skrillex or his real name Sonny Moore has a lot of music talent. He used to be the lead singer of a band named From First to Last. That band won many alternative punk award. Sonny Moore(skrillex) is an amazing singer and proving himself now to be a great dj.

            • Madi

              Thank you, Ryan. You seem to be the only one here who understands. Sonny is an amazing artist and his style has progressed greatly over the years. If you actually have a look at how Skrillex creates his dubstep tracks, you'll find that they're pretty difficult and time consuming. Add the fact that all his songs are created on one laptop and he travels 24/7 and maybe people will start to realise why he's so loved and talented. I'm sorry to those who don't see it or understand, but please just accept the fact that music has evolved and people are bound to like different styles to you. It's all about keeping calm and chiving on. ❤

    • Sexy Girls

      +1 You are right.

    • U Deaf Bastard

      ummmm, yeah…. so you are familiar with his work?

    • Penrath

      so…Skrillix is just a metal head. If you like Korn, you may(emphasis on "may") like Skrillix. While Wiki is informative, Youtube actually has a sample… …You be the judge!

      Personally: "Meh"

      • you're an idiot

        you just compared Korn and Skrillex? While they are both innovators, that could possibly one of the dumbest things i have heard in a few months. Korn is a BAND Skrillex is a DJ. They compose music and he mixes it. I love both of them, but would never categorize them together.

        • DeRaNgEd

          They work well together though.

        • knotmee

          Actually Skrillex is a producer. He makes the music he is "mixing". Its different than say a house or traditional electronic DJ. So both Korn and Skrillex are creating original music, albeit very different music. Having said that, Korn is now making dub-step so I guess they are converging, at least in genre.
          it constantly amazes me how out of touch people on this website are. "Who is this skrillex lady?!", "Why do these kids have half their heads shaved?!".
          Keep up, or go away.
          FWIW, the haircut in this post is called an undercut. its been around a lot longer than skrillex.

          • j_rizzo

            Who cares? Dub-step is awful and that haircut makes you look like a jackass.

            Incidentally, this chick skrillex looks more like Cory Feldman than any of the dudes in this post.

            • Ryan

              Skrillex is a man named Sonny Moore lol

  • heypal

    The message is loud and clear "I'm an assclown"

  • aaron

    #16 not keen on the look generally but 16 is a bit of a hottie…


      LIKE GUYS?

      • aaron

        not seen any guys with back problems like that…!

        • just_some_guy

          Big tits do not equal hot. Unless you're like 14 or something.

          • itstanrum

            but it helps.

  • ziba30

    cant say i would like a girl to look like a dubstep deejay

  • speaking for all men

    Burn them all w/ fire

  • is awesome

    there all a bunch of mingers

  • pufffdragon

    WTF! Is this the new duck face or something. Kill them all now with dubsteb or fire

  • Stephen

    dear god that is one ugly looking look

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    a girl with a partly shaved head makes my stomach hurt

  • Katie

    This "hair style" makes me question their sex when they would be pretty if they had normal hair

  • dmat

    ugly "music", ugly bitches…

    • Pointed Sticks

      The last and hopefully only "song" i heard that was skrillex sounded like the rattling and squeaking my car makes sometimes when going over a bumpy road.

  • rainwulf

    please kill this fad.

    Please. the gods, all of them. even that god that no one worships, whats his name? glenn.

    the gods say kill this fad.

  • Meh

    Wow Chive… strike 2. First the gallery of idiots that look like zombies and now ugly girls that look like members of a band that sucks a bag of dicks.

    Step your game up!

    • Meow

      1.) Skrillex is not a band, he is a dubstep/techno artist.
      2.) Not all of these girls are ugly. They just have idiotic hair.
      3.) Your mom sucks a bag of dicks.

    • julie4830

      You are an ass wipe

  • trelos

    …..and were sure that these are all females ???

  • flibble

    #11 looks remarkably like my brother's "hag".

  • Tony

    Except for #15 DO NOT WANT

    • ijre

      no. they can fuck off with their duckfaces and over-sized glasses, too.

      • freedumbinamerica

        they can fuck off?? they're certainly not going to fuck you.

        • shannon

          yes u have no chance with sleeping with either of us

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