Ashley Sky is using the Twitter machine properly (24 Photos)

Last year, we featured a few modeling shots of a little-known stunner named Ashley Sky. Since then, the 21 year-old model has discovered the Twitter machine and received a little more notice. Ashley is known to be really interactive with her fans on Twitter so stop in and say hi.

Oh, and her boobs are real.

Ashley's Twitter here.

Ashley’s Twitter here.

  • Joe


    Lunch & dinner

    • Jeff

      #21, midnight snack!

      • qwert

        damn… those look real and spectacular

  • cocales


    • b-ry


      • bill bellamy

        cocales and b-ry prob hook up wit eachother

  • SkyrimPLAYER

    I'll take #20. That way I know I can has sex twelve times.

  • Elbie

    awesome boobs and pretty girl πŸ˜€

  • RGT1026

    She wins. I don’t know what the game is, but she wins.

  • AFE


  • Jeff

    #3, I'd love to fly the world with you! You are in one word, stunning!

    • dontbelieveeverlast

      jeff says yes

  • SavoyStud

    #20 – somw people wake up for this

    #19 – what i'd love to wake up for

  • KPizzle

    #20 – MOAR!!!

  • misschris

    #28 She is ridiculously hot. The urge to motorboat has never been so strong!

  • chris

    Hot body, otherwise ehhhh

  • Oddie Monsta

    Meh, i dont really like donuts

  • Anonymous

    Her body is flawless but her face is just ok

  • dragonfire6

    “otherwise ehhh” ???? we are all sure you can do so much better, chris

  • Ned Plimpton

    Best comment ever.

  • whozitsdad

    Very much MOAR please.

  • The devil

    #23 *Broken glass* She is in to that gay, sparkly vampire stuff

  • Wake Up

    She thinks she's too pretty and that makes her very ugly. Thumbs down.

    • Maytrix

      She is hot, but I cringe to think of what her personality is like – or the personality of anyone that posts that many pictures of themselves..

      Still, I'd spend a night with her…

  • K9

    You like donuts, I am a donut, well do fine together…….

  • Nutritionist

    #20 Nice, keep working on that boob size!

  • Three Things

    This woman deserves to be on a Mt. Rushmore

  • Namjak

    I want to wake up next ro her. WOW

  • CjNut

    John, they are real? S-L-O-W in depth detail or pics, otherwise I dont believe you…they are spectacular

  • Fred

    #2 please

    #9 Oops….I just shit my pants

  • Anonymous

    Id hit it

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