Ashley Sky is using the Twitter machine properly (24 Photos)

Last year, we featured a few modeling shots of a little-known stunner named Ashley Sky. Since then, the 21 year-old model has discovered the Twitter machine and received a little more notice. Ashley is known to be really interactive with her fans on Twitter so stop in and say hi.

Oh, and her boobs are real.

Ashley's Twitter here.

Ashley’s Twitter here.

  • Chuck

    Mother of god! Nothing compares

  • lanz

    I have a feeling she might pass for FLBP

  • Ryan

    I would totally rape number 20. So delicious.

  • Wally

    I'm not impressed with #23. Ask her to remove that offensive item of clothing immediately!!

  • John Robert

    Hates you: As a proud white man, I can tell you that I love women of all colors and races. Beauty in a woman is not constrained by race, creed, etc. (You get the deal). I admit that the Chive has lots of white women here, but also has women of color shown. Maybe more photos of beautiful women of color should be submitted. I KNOW that I will be happy to see such posts. Again, beauty exists in all races, colors, creeds, etc. I love women.

  • John Robert

    beautiful. Of course it is. All of her photos are!

  • Rick James


  • Jay

    It’s Stuff not Stuf…..back to Prep School Fuckstain.

  • Jay

    Haha It’s Stuff not Stuf, back to Prep School Stuf.

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  • giveafuckbay

    Look out melanie iglesias, theres a new sheriff boobs in town haha

  • Bonderass

    #9 a view from above… her. ))

  • Clyde

    My favourites: #7 #10 #14

  • etcrr

    #15 very hot and gorgeous

  • Sickersicjer

    Shes hot but not super sexy enough for me to look at her being know when someone is sexy and if they ever asked you to have sex with them you would but if you were to chose to look atsexy pictures of them you probably wouldn’t

  • rooster

    marry me!

  • Simon

    "Institutionalized racism"

    Oh shit, not only is stuf a guilty white liberal, he's also a know-it all student who thinks he has it all figured out because he has one year of college under his belt!

  • TheAutomaticMan

    #23 She was pretty cool til this….

  • Anonymous

    Ooh noo she can’t read. #23

  • hansgraham

    OMG! did you see all those donuts?

  • Lost Insentive

    #20 bull fucking shit that’s her breakfast.

  • Rhayzor

    #20 I've got the weirdest donut boner right now…a little help Ashley?

  • DemBone

    Y U No do this in HQ ?

  • Samwise


  • suavecito

    #19, #21, #27 – shaawing!!

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