• anony

    fuck that's cool

  • ribery

    thats why i love bayern münchen ❤

  • iheartboobs

    Can they make me some self levelling shoes for when im hammered?

    • Rafiki

      also called a cruise ship. It's one of those mysteries of the universe and my theory of why pirates drank so much rum, it gives you sea legs

  • bh4q

    mind fuck.

  • Safety Salamander

    It must be pretty hard to play when you are moving relative to the table. Moving the floor instead would be better.

    • Ruttiger

      100% correct. I was on that boat a few weeks ago. When the boat's movement was minor the self leveling table was pretty good. But when the movement increased it became extremely off putting. Mind you, balls were rolling all over the place on the other table that had the feature switched off, while ours stayed perfectly still, so i guess it was better than that.

  • Chivette

    make an entire room like this and youve got yourself a fantastic sports place.

  • etcrr

    That would drive me crazy, but it is cool

  • SoMyNameGoesHere?

    I suppose it doesn't work to well when you run the ship into the rocks. Other than that its pretty cool.

  • DC22

    that is some ingenious crafting skills!

  • Naggert

    Was I the only one who couldn't concentrate on the table, but kept getting drawn to their poll skills?

    • goglas

      yeah…I noticed that they are shit players too…but it looks like the ship is moving quite a lot so I wont judge til ive tried it myself

  • Naggert

    Was I the only one who couldn't concentrate on the table, but kept getting drawn to their pool skills?

    • hello please

      Yes. Yes you were.

  • shnugs

    Is that.. a storm? Oh no I have 2 balls to go!

  • cga

    i feel like leaning on it to take a shot would then move it as well…?

  • AmBush_Steve

    I could use whatever's in there to help me walk after a night of drinking.

  • BfuckingM

    Now what happens when the boats tips sideways?

    • pete

      it did at one point… and it was fine.

  • StaticFX

    that seems like the boat is really rocking for the table to tilt that much.. but no one i having trouble walking?
    cool though i think it would make me really sick

    • Katie

      You get used to the rocking after a day or so (walking)

  • cia

    Of course if your cruise ship is on the rocks then you won't need this so long as your pool table can tilt 45 degrees to port. Too soon?

  • http://celeb-pix.blogspot.com Shazi007
  • Alex

    Now, do this with the entire floor !!

  • stevo


  • Rich


  • Mr. Poland

    Ships used to use compasses that floated in a container of water so that they always remained level; this isn't exactly a new idea. Couldn't they have done something similar here and avoided the electromechanical nightmare?

  • Shea

    Cool proof-of-concept, but I don't think it would be fun trying to shoot on a table that is constantly moving.

  • Andrew

    I got seasick from watching the pool table

    • HANK

      Me too not while I was watching it tho it seemed like as soon as I stopped watching it and tried to start reading the comments kind like when you step of a boat onto land thats when you notice it the most

  • WhyDidYouDoThat

    the comments at the bottom are f-ing annoying…

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