• Firstly

    First, suckas!

  • asdf


  • Jon

    print me a fleshlight bro

  • OLD

    ….3d printing isn't anything new…………………………………….

    • yep

      true story!

      • Danski

        i've been looking into getting one for a few years now, too expensive, but anyways this is the first i've seen of the scanner

    • Tobi

      how true…
      Nowadays you can even build one yourself for 250-1000 bucks. Its called RepRap.

    • JDB

      No it is not new at all. It's called Rapid Prototyping. Lot's of companies use it.

    • Underbaker

      It's new to me, at least the part where they scan it and it prints in powder. I've seen the ones that use CAD input and fapricate out of metal with jets of water.

      • hehehe

        you said fapricate

        • Underbaker

          Shows where my mind is. 🙂

      • Mark

        The scanning part was kind of odd, it looked like a typical CAM but then also used light to aid in the outlining of it. Either way I'm sure they edited it afterwards in a CAD because there's no way that CAM could have been able to tell which parts were free moving and which were not.

    • engineer

      I've been getting developmental parts made this way for awhile now, easiest way to get complex geometry made with out the high cost of machining them. For the fleshlight dude, they can even use silicone and urethanes lol

    • toesoup

      I think they've been using similar tech to carve surfboards for awhile now.

    • Slevin

      oh ya the material is there special concoction……it's very similar to cornstarch and superglue and to the whole using it thing try putting it under water and see what happens……

  • Brian

    So first they shoot it with a science laser, then they upload it on a computer using science, then they hit the science button on the printer, then a guy with a ponytail and a sweater expresses his disbelief at the science. As a scientist, I say this is pretty simple shit. Oh, and wtf??

    • elliott

      as a scientist im sure you are baffled that you are not only forever alone but forever poor because you did not invent this.

  • etcrr

    That is so freakin cool and amazing, 40 microns tolerance? holy shit

  • Brian

    What happens if you tell the printer to print a copy of the printer? It's either divide by zero or rise of the machines, bitches. Your call.

    • Andy Valentine

      I just had that exact same thought. Judgement Day began with printers. You heard it here first.

    • @kd0jkq

      Nicely done, sir.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    Quick, someone throw Kate Upton under that scanner, and just keep copying till I say stop

    • Jon

      uhhh there are like 100 models hotter than upton… throw a chivette in that bitch before upton.

      • B.B.


  • aiden

    the printer is shit. its clearly fake. i would like to see it print a copy of my p***s, but it probably wouldnt fit.

    • otter

      You’re right aiden, it wouldn’t fit. It’s tolerance is 40 microns. It can’t go any smaller.

    • iheartboobs

      Or it couldnt scan something 40 microns small…

    • guatarral

      It wont print a copy of your P***s cuase it does not work with objects under 40 microns

    • nemesis

      The same joke as the others.

    • FoCoLivin

      What does an insecure guy with a small penis put on the Chive? See above…

    • Emzilla

      You're probably right… it'd have to get past your zipper to fit in the scanner… sorry, dude.

    • Skankasaurus Rex


    • ECMC

      I happen to use a 3D printer for work. It's not fake. it's just amazing science.

    • Shoe

      Haha, no comment needed

  • iheartboobs

    Freakin amazing!

    Could you scan a human face?

  • D3AN

    3D printing isn't new, but its functions are becoming easier to use with more flexibility. The hand-held scanner is new to me, though. Its usually a small 3d scanner box where you put your part in.
    Aiden, you're an ignorant little prick.

    • uhhh huh huh

      you said "put your part in"

  • derp

    Seen it…..on the Chive……

    • nemesis

      Yep. Not that long ago either. Le sigh.

  • paleontinjin ross

    and you thought scanning your ass on a regular copy machine was fun

  • Adam

    Welcome to the late 90s… Why is something this old being passed around as new and amazing?

    • davoinc

      well yeah if you were a zillionaire, now its within reach of regular people. cant wait for where it is in another 10

    • Rocky

      I agree! At the moment I am modelling parts in 3D and getting them prototyped using a process called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) which basically does the exact same thing as they have here.

      It puts down a layer of glass filled nylon powder, uses a laser to bind it to a solid and then moves on the the next layer. It continues until the part is complete. Then (as in this video) any residual power is blasted off and you're left with a fully functioning, high strength, durable part. It also has the ability to incorporated moving parts. The only difference is in the name: SLS or 3D printing, same thing. There are numerous other processes readily available which again so a similar job.

  • Robozombiejesus

    can it make boobs

  • Dan

    They did that exact same thing in Jurassic Park III in 2003 with a Velociraptor vocal box. Next time a copied crescent wrench saves you from a pack of Velociraptos, then you can start yapping "holy cow" every five seconds.

  • MattKL


    • tapsnapornap

      bitches love science!

    • Al Gore

      shut the fuck up.

  • suck it

    decade old technology… womb woommmp

  • fed

    there is only a little problem with it, seeing today's trends: copyright infringement…

    • Andy Valentine

      Except in China, where they have no copyright laws.

    • TracerBullet_PI

      That actually is a concern for 3D printing, and there are "Open Source" hardware initiatives. As dumb as it sounds someone actually had to design a coat hook and release it to the open source community so that people could print coat hooks without having to worry about copyright infringement.

      Copyright law is so messed up (actually our entire system of laws…)

  • Aeon

    Mind blown!!

  • NorChuckis

    print me a chivette!

  • boss

    finaly I will be able to download a car… and then print it

  • Ben

    I believe the Jackie Chan "wtf" face has never been more applicable than here because that was literally all I was thinking of while watching this.

  • Willard

    someone listened to the SGU and searched for a video to post…

  • Grant

    As neat as that is, I fail to understand how if you LOSE a tool in space you can even scan it to print another. >_>

    • tapsnapornap

      Scan it before you lose it and save the scan to your hard drive? Have scans saved for all the shit you might lose in space? Lol!

    • AlJones

      You hop on your space computer, download pre-scanned files from your space station database, hit 3D-print, and WHAM! Space tools!

    • montrealguy

      How could you possibly lose a tool in space???? its wither in the ship or attached to your suit somehow.

      • Grant

        clearly the answer is ALIENS!

      • Underhill

        It happens.

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