• jimstarswagg

    If you picture dancing without the hulahoop.. Kinda looks like Napoleon Dynamite.

  • JohnnyS

    I don't know why, but this is the best video I've seen in ages. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Voltviking

    I’m quite sure she goes by the name SaFire. From Alberta Canada.

  • stephieXwill

    I hope to be that good one day knee Hooping is so hard

    • Zagham

      HOLY CRAP, take the tampon out you bldenieg heart Pansie, man up for once. Invading other countries, tribes, clans, etc., has been going on since the age of man it just so happens that the US of A does it better than anyone else and for good reason so that little pussies like you can hide in the shadows and spout out crap you no nothing about. It’s called Freedom and courageous MEN and WOMEN have given their live to protect it. So for once try to imagine that you are a courageous American and show some respect!!!

    • Mami

      Heh! I can see Mount Baker from my kitchen widonw . . . between the trees, on a clear day, if I know where to look. Can I put that in my listing description when I go to sell? Maybe I should install one of those prismatic lenses that they put in the back of RV widonws so it will look bigger what’s that, those actually make things look smaller? Drat! On the topic of pushing the limits, a few years ago I was driving through the center of Mercer Island and saw several houses for sale which had the WATERFRONT placard separately attached underneath the sign. Knowing that I was nowhere near the edge of the island in any direction, I just had to stop and check it out. Well, there was a man-made lake of sorts in the back which gave the impression that their storm drains were blocked up and the water had covered their back yards. The lake was suitable for children’s toys and that’s about it. I suspect that one could wade all the way across quite easily.

  • @babyyboogaloo

    Find this woman.

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  • Kat

    I think this is the video you were referring to with the 2:55 mark.

  • Doc_Tronic

    If she can make a mean sandwich, wife her.

  • copwitit

    no sound rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cant hear rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • bolterwater

    Zowie cavey,such talent and grace i loved it.

  • dolliebaby

    Holy mess. She is gorgeous.

  • @ayoitsdk

    I would do whatever it takes to be her neighbor.

  • Damo

    Anyone know the name of this song ? Oh and she's not to shabby either

    • Captain Obvious

      Song Name: Fort knox
      By: Goldfish

      yes, im serious.

  • steveoo
  • Sirgallahad

    My dear woman…

    You had me at "Hello".

  • Cintia

    like her normal hot self [Brosome]A hot girl and her hula hoop.a0 Enough said [The Chive]The cereelhaders of world beach soccer [Holytaco]One of the best iPhone cases you’ll

  • eddie

    her name is katie

  • Dat ass

    June 5th, 2012. Still watching this video anytime I'm having a shitty day.

  • Gardog

    the woman is awesome and who does the music?

  • ryan

    name of song?

  • Lou

    If she would do that nude any strip club would be crazy not to hire her.

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  • jef

    Her neighbors must think she is mental

  • Letme

    This is her youtube page,

    I offered to buy her a Chive shirt about 6mths ago to no avail.

  • Hedges

    What's the track playing?

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