• aaron

    nice, but wouldnt try it personally…

    • poopy

      …on your own car.

  • JerryLinGiant

    I tried this on Samuel L. Jackson and he exploded

    get it?

    • c-rizzle

      thank you. The very few people that do get it, are thoroughly enjoyed.

    • acash

      Bruce Willis is fuming

    • iheartboobs


    • Richie

      They call him Mr. Glass.

      • jB!

        Oh I get it now. HAHAhahhahahaha. Had to go trough about 10 yrs of memories.

    • Darthtread

      Is this a REALLY nerdy reference to Mace Windu's mastery of the Jedi "Shatterpoint" technique? Or am I the only one that bad?

  • MattKL

    Too cool! The Force is strong with this trick.

  • xannick


  • Hmm?

    Now make it re appear..

  • 2Dogs

    And thefts from vehicles went up 1050% after this video went live…

    • DemBone

      And sales to glass companies increased that much as well.

    • The J

      Yeah, because thousands of thieves were stopped because they only had 1 finger with which to break a window and just couldn't figure out how to do it.

      • Tim

        Didn't you know that thousands of people would instantly turn into a criminal, if they only knew how to break glass more easily?

  • myself

    Next time I am at the junkyard getting parts I will totally try this out.

  • Stephen

    I’m trying this for sure next time I’m at the junk yard

    • MattDamonFace


  • Guest

    Something is concealed in his left palm under his index finger at 1:24.

    • If you said so...

      That person with the w/e it is on his fingers isn't the same person who broke the first window.

    • amon

      Good fuckin eye bro

  • http://www.nytdc.com Trevor Hunter

    Something fishy here, guessing there is a spark plug piece in the glove tip or something.

    • Howard

      It's a glass punch. Same guy trained me and my F.D.

  • YesterdaysTrendyVid


  • Ale

    omg i'm skipping school today. i'm already learning!

  • ntjack01

    Saw this on Ebaums world 24hrs ago.
    Please tell me that ThChive is staying classy and not reposting….Please!

    • lomwod

      Have you never seen 9gag? Stuff on there appears on the chive 24 hours later.

      • TracerBullet_PI

        Most original content on the internet originates at 4Chan or reddit (imgur), and then it's reposted on 9gag and iambored and any number of other aggregate sites like the chive. 9gag is particularly terrible because of the obnoxious watermark (The Chive is guilty of this on some posts).

        It's not really a big deal, if you're not going to keep calm and chive on, stay on Ebaums or 9gag. I don't expect any of these sites to police the submissions they get to make sure they're not anywhere else on the internet.

    • SilkySapper

      Welcome to the internet, it seems you just joined. nothing on thechive is original, except for maybe the slutty pics girls send in to show to people they have never met.

    • johnlong

      Reposting is a goooood thing…I don't wanna be surfing multiple sites to find stuff…I spend far too much time avoiding work as it is.

    • ROAK

      Then stay on Ebaums world and watch videos. I will sit here, KCCO and mind the gap, watch for hump day, watch things that bounce, and bring many memories back from my childhood…..does Ebaums world bring you that?

      • justabill

        Seriously, Chive. More "things that bounce." It's been too long.

    • John

      Shut the fu(k up…it’s funny and on the Internet. God forbid you see something more than once on the Internet.

    • Stevie jay

      Who still gives a shit about e-baums these days? The 90's called, they want their fucking site back.


      Yeah, because Ebaums is known for their original content.

  • Jack

    The corners of that window are the weak point. 90 degrees or less is a huge structural weakness when stressed. Look at windows on an airplane they have rounded corners.

    • idiots!

      Don't get all scientific here. The fact is an emergency glass punch was used. It's a spring loaded punch maybe the size of a writing pen that every firefighter (except maybe the rookies in a training class) knows about. One, both, or all in the video are in on the "trick".

    • hmmm

      How do they have round corners?

  • chris lee

    So sick of browsing through and seeing comments on how another website had a particular video up on their site first. Who gives a shit. Im not going to their site to watch the video, so i never would have enjoed it had theChive not “re-posted” it. Technically, almost everything they post is a “re-post”…unless this particular video was shot by a staff member from ebaums world (which) it wasnt…then they RE-posted from whomever pput it on the net. Think about what your saying before you say it. Smh…fuckin tool

    • Carter

      What the chive does well is edit out the crap that makes me gag. Great editors is what they are.

    • The J

      Butt hurting a bit this morning?

      • truth

        you sound like you've been there before?

    • Underbaker

      Very well said sir, you deserve a big…
      <img src="http://www.wpclipart.com/sign_language/thumbs_up_large.png&quot; width="300">

      • Mr. H

        thumb up his ass??

        • Underbaker

          Why were you smiling when you typed that?

    • Chode

      Kudos. I check the chive every day, cause they sort through all the crap and bring me the good shit. I don't have time to follow 6 or 7 different meme pages every day, fuck no! This is my one stop shop, so by god I hope they DO repost shit!

  • tayax

    Just to clarify things : 1:24 we see the guy showing the glass breaker he got on his finger.

    • Qwixel

      There is definitely something there.

    • Edmund

      The hand that was shown with the supposed "glass breaker" on the finger is not the hand that was being used.

  • Qwixel

    Someone alert the Mythbusters.

  • RickKardo

    To clarify what happens at 1:24.. He turns his hand over to reveal a very small spring loaded punch tool on his left pointer finger that he tactfully was placing on the top left corner of the window and released it when the guy was tapping. Has nothing to do with vibrations or what the kid was doing, it was a trick on the students.

    • Underbaker

      But that is the guy in the overcoat, the guy with the white t-shirt and suspenders is the one who broke the window.

      • AC

        No the guy with the spring loaded punch broke it.
        Like the others said he even showed it to the camera at 1:24.

        • Underbaker

          Go back to 0:28 when the window breaks and tell me who is tapping on it.

          • ChaseTheWalker

            The instructor was leaning on the upper left corner the whole time with the tool in his hand. Just like magic it was an optical illusion.

            • Underbaker

              Couldn't really tell as I looked at it, but if you say so.

  • AnotherAnon

    In the news today, a sudden, unexplained string of car thefts and robberies has taken place this weekend!

  • LutherB

    Nissan stagea. I have the rs4. Rb25det. As much as I’m sure this is fake, won’t be trying it on mine.

  • mighty clunge

    1:24 he shows the punch tool in his hand nothing to do with the tapping

  • Harleyxx

    The guy demonstrating it owns an auto glass repair business.

  • SquishyFlint

    If all of you killjoys are so sure that a punch tool was used, why don't you go out and prove it on your own cars? You take all the fun out of the internet :p

  • Hammyscrammy

    The Firefighter never touches or taps the window with his left hand, which is the hand he has the "device" in. If he touched the window with the punch the window would automatically shatter.

    • E3A

      Tinted glass doesn't shatter. The tint acts like a giant piece of tape to keep it together. I've been a firefighter for 20 years – fingers don't break windows. If they did, a heavy rain storm or (gasp) hail would make everybody's car look like a Jeep.

      • Anonymous

        Your wrong, if the window is “smoked” which means tint is actually in the glass when they make the window then it breaks just as easy as a normal vehicle window, if the tint is a film that goes over your window then yes.. Your correct about the tint holding the shattered window together.

    • Anonymous

      The guy tapping on the glass did not break the window.
      The other guy with the punch broke it.

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