How to break a car window with one finger (Video)

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I just went outside to try this, and it totally works!

But now my dad is super pissed off and I’m not allowed to use the car this weekend because he has to “fix the window” or whatever.

  • Manly Gift Ideas

    In the immortal words of my father: "Bullshit."

  • Ford Dealer

    Guess it's time to lock the gate at my dealership at night haha.

  • Good Prank

    Its probably one of the many pranks rookies go through in that department. Look at the firefighters hand at the end. He flips over his hand, revealing a window punch attached to the glove. The rookie really believed he broke the window, but the trainer was the one who actually broke it. Nice prank.

  • Warren Q Higgins

    Not very impressive but nice try. Although I would want to learn how to open one with a finger as to not need a perth locksmith anymore right? Unfortunately my wife often loses her car keys. Bummer.

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