Redheads have more fun: Chivette Claire Belle (25 HQ Photos)

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  • Vince

    If this goddess worked at my Starbucks I would go broke, I'd never leave.

  • Dan

    Where was she when I was in Canada 3 times a week? Probably in grade school as Tim Hortons was the coffee place in Canada. Red heads are my weakness and she has caused a meltdown, I knew there was a reason why I hang out at Starbucks, just the wrong one evidently. We want MOAR! We need to see her on Humpday DAR. Dan a loyal chiver from Tennessee.

  • Kevin Riley

    More pics less clothes please! Oh my god she is so F’ng hot!

  • abba

    #3 #17 Sexy and Sense of Humor

  • Herdie

    Carrie Byrons daughter?

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  • perfectedpixel

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  • MikeyB58


  • http://what Connor McGuinness

    MY GOD, but that is a beautiful girl! Talk about hitting the gene pool jackpot!

  • Bisco

    #22 – I would like an opportunity to see that every morning =oP

  • DTZ33

    Hi, nice to meet you. No you don't have to introduce yourself I already know who you are, the girl of my dreams.

  • chicago

    #9 sorry for the late post, but get a better computer and learn Linux/RedHat and Solaris/SQL. Once you have the basics, you're young and so much more to do and learn, you'll do great. social awkward or not, big corporations will take you in their arms and slap a fat bi-monthly check in your soft-white hands. ..jump start: go to and format that old ass laptop with FD16. learn it and make money.

  • Scott

    Ok, I can't seem to stop coming back to this post to admire this simply beautiful girl. Wow… Sometimes more than once a day.

  • nobody

    Sad she is so ashamed of her butt, not even a side shot!

  • Allen

    Marry me?

  • Beeneverywhere

    Tara is a very Irish name. Fitting for such a lovely colleen. She is the perfect example of why girls with more reasonably sized mammarys should have their own nod. Ms. Tara could be the princess of the IBTC. I could say cruder things about how lip smacking delicious she looks but I’ll spend the time dreaming about photo #8 … my what a stunning pudendum! Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This girl is unreal

  • jujuG603

    #17!!!!! Meow!

  • SxtySvn

    1. Learn science.
    2. Make copy.
    3. High fives.

  • PFry

    Thank you Chive. Thank you Tara.

  • Anothermuser

    I may be in love.

  • calpha

    She’s amazing

  • Tyler-Man

    I dont know if you remember being at vinyl and doing a little dinosaur dance/ Snail fist bump with a guy in a birthday boy shirt . Anyways totally crazy that I find you on the internets!!! Congrats!!!

    Peace, Love and Granola
    Tyler Gerard

  • vitobonespur

    #25…Redheads: Manna of the Gods. Tara: Dessert.

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