• thumper21superman

    First. what a moron

  • Kyle

    He couldn’t have leaned in a little bit more? Coulda gotten a better video if that were the case.

    • LCC

      Certainly would have been a cure for stupidity anyways.

    • sumer

      'Ya'll' know this is fake right? His face would be gushing blood if that actually happened? What? Didn't you take high-school physics?

      • Guest

        He missed his face & hit the brim of his hat. Too bad, would've been a shoe in for a Darwin Award.

      • Deads

        I agree, looks fake.

        A: Why would anyone shoot at bottles that are only 2 meters away from him (maybe a bit more, lets say 2.5mtrs max).
        B: Why would anyone want to record doing a, cause it is no feat to hit a non moving target from 2 meters distance :/
        C: i dont want to believe that there are idiots on this planet stupid enough to look into the barrel of a loaded gun and then pull the trigger.

        But if it was real i do hope he doesnt miss next time.

        PS, it doesnt matter where this person comes from. If it is real this is just stupid and this person should be locked up to protect the people around him.

        • keepfloatin

          He clearly has his finger no where near the trigger. wtf are talking about. He was recording himself doing some target practice. What relevance does his distance from the targets hold in him wanting to record himself? Way to over analyze and be completely wrong.

        • Voice of Reason

          Maybe he just wants a video of him shooting stuff. I'm pretty sure this is real. And he didn't pull the trigger and doesn't have to, guns can malfunction and go off on their own.

      • Voice of Reason

        If it missed his face it wouldn't be gushing blood. Didn't you see the end where he shows the camera his hat? It never hit his face

  • Tommy

    thumper your a moron. lol

  • http://twitter.com/comnakr @comnakr

    so close to natural selection.

    • Katie

      I'm sure his day will come

    • WAW

      One of Darwins Exceptions.

  • lastcallsux

    Correction: There is ONLY ONE cure for stupid… a bullet.

    • Livin' Legend

      It didn't take 😦

      • chicago

        it's true stupid people can't aim. His head was about as far away as those bottles were.: 2 hit 2 miss

    • Maytrix

      Any kind of death is a cure for stupid.

  • Anonymous Troll

    That would have been a waaaaay better video if…….

  • The Queeeen

    And where the hell do YOU live?


      I live in America. The 17th most educated country in the world. I have lived here my entire life. Where the hell do you live?

      • Tebow

        So What, want to fight about it?

      • The Queeeen

        I live in America. I've also lived here my entire life. But unlike you, I'm grateful for the fact that I live here.

        • MICHAEL

          Did I mention anything about not being grateful to live in this country? I must have missed that. I am simply commenting on the ignorance of the general population of the American Public. Please read what I wrote before you make assumptions.

          • Blake

            MICHAEL sounds pretty ignorant.

          • Underhill

            Sounds like you need to travel a bit or read a book. Your experience base is much too narrow to allow a statement like yours.

          • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

            It's not there… I will assume that it was horrible and you were wrong.

      • Mr. Obvious

        So according to you there are only 17 countries in the world? The problem is that people like you, idiots, reproduce a whole lot faster than smart people.

        • MICHAEL

          No Mr. Obvious. Check world education ratings. Get educated on how things really work…

      • chleo

        America is not a country….its a continent… #burned

        • Abel

          North America is a continent not America. #burnedback

          • Lucas

            Successfully trolled

          • Otto

            hahaha wow you are dumb, AMERICA IS A CONTINENT READ A FUCKING ATLAS

            • Duke


          • SoMoS

            North America is the North side of the America continent asshole. You know what means USA?

  • Ben

    Some people will never learn it.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    'merica! F#$k Yeah!

    • BigOkie

      "Goin to shoot, my muthaf**kin' face, yeah!"

      • Admiral Ackbar

        "Dag Nabbit! Now I done shot my favorite Nascar Hat!"

  • Tebow

    Blue Collar Comedy Tour is doing sketch comedy now

    • Goodboy

      They actually did sketch comedy several years ago (Blue Collar TV).

  • Dumbass

    I live in America and I can testify to this. Apparently the US Constitution has been rewritten to simply say "Ignorance is bliss".

    • ElDiablo69

      I guess this is coming from Michaels dumbass wife!!

  • Anonymous


  • Santa

    Careful, the insulted Amurrricans are coming

    • Dumbass

      Haha, isn't it funny to watch these people get upset. These same idiots are the ones who think their guns and Jesus will save them from the evil foreigners, homosexuals, and black people that poison the air they breath. Like I said, I am American. It's quite embarrassing.

      • MICHAEL

        Santa, You hit it right on the head. So much for freedom of speech without persecution. I made a simple statement geared towards the ignorance of the this video and the wolves come out. I must hate Merica' !!!

        • MICHAEL is a fag

          you and dumbass can go and fuck off, I will gladly pay for a ticket for you to get the fuck out of America…..

          • Dumbass

            Fag – a homophobic word used by ignorant assholes. Go back to the farm and hug your cross while you wish for the gays and black people to go back to hell. Douche bag.

            • Mike

              Eh? I only want the black people to go back to Africa, not hell. Someone is a little bit of an extremist…

        • Jonathan

          You are entitled to freedom of speech without fear of persecution from the law. What is great about this wonderful country is that we also have the freedom to tell you what a complete dumbass you are. It works both ways.

        • Katie

          You made a statement geared towards Americans, not the ignorance of the video.

      • kasshead

        then get the fuck out

  • MattyP

    Lot of good that blaze orange did…

    • Griz

      Apparently he didn't see it…

    • Steven B


  • Bobby

    Whoa. He almost shot that load in his own face.

    • america---noooo

      No shit…point of the obvious! dumb ass

      • Bobby

        No shit… It's called a "double entendre" Einstein.

  • ElDiablo69

    Listen douche bag, why don't you go blindfold yourself & go play in traffic! Pompous idiot!!


      Now, why are you attacking me personally? Is that you in the video? Did I hurt your feelings?

      • MICHAEL is a fag

        go fuck yourself I am sure that you voted for obama, and that tells me you are a fucking idiot who has no brain.

        • MICHAEL

          Wow. I am not going to engage you further. Thank you for making my point. Such ignorance…

          • Cflow

            I would give up, the more you throw at ignorance, the more they throw at you….no matter how right you are…..you're wrong.

        • Dumbass

          You sound like a true conservative. No argument, just insults and stupidness.

          • You really are

            the word would be stupidity… name fits you well

        • julian

          Real original you inbred

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989
  • MoChive

    Really? Just 2 out of 3 with a shotgun?

    • Guse

      Did you not watch the whole thing? It jammed.

      • MoChive

        he missed himself with the third one?:)

      • Tankus

        He took 4 shots and hit twice, HE FUCKING SUCKS!

    • strohs

      from 4 feet away as well

    • John

      They were deer slugs look at the hole in his hat at the end.

  • BOCO_Kid

    Gun safety Video. What not to do.

    • clemgrad03

      Gun safety video. What TO do.

  • wow

    jesus christ. what the fuck is wrong with people?

    • Tankus

      Namely that they believe in Christ… among other things!

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t help myself from shouting “No No No Don’t do That!”

  • Kyle429

    So close to a Darwin award. Y u no lean in closer?

    • Megan

      I was so close to posting that myself. Glad someone beat me to it! 😉

  • Frank Dogg

    I was freaking out when he started looking down the barrel of the gun…. What a moron.

    • justsaying

      I actually said OOOH SHIT. The minute I saw what he was going to do. I got a couple odd looks from my coworkers.

      • K-VON

        Im with you. Just cringed right up when he did that.


    what a fucking moron and now we can have concealed pistols how about some gun safety??

  • your dad

    your mom lives here

    • hey..

      your mom goes to college

      • Mr. Magoo


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